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It’s Wild Foraged Fennel Pollen Season!

Tra la, tra la. Here is a lengthy note from Tom Spicer. He’s been busy as a, well, bee.

Go, Tom:

Greetings from The FM 1410, the Spiceman’s lair of Culi-ne’er-do-wells and looking to please or sometimes… tease with tastes of trinkets from his garden.

We have a nice garden buffet of fresh, edible greens, flowers and GREEN CORRIANDER BERRIES right off the umbeliferous crowns @ $2/oz.

Use them like pepper corns to encrust and make robust your fish, poultry dish or toss them over your shoulder and make a wish.

EAST TEXAS STRAWBERRIES from Titus County…or just accross its border maybe but wherever I got them I drove 4 hours round trip because the flavors beconed

the Spiceman to run the gauntlet of sirens (you’s in a heap o’ trouble boy) but I say I say, fog horn leg horn…that there’s a strawberry! retail @ $4 PT wholes ale $30/flat

ORGANIC TIOGA, TX BRAISING & SALAD GREENS Wolf Creek Farm is back on line with late plantings of snow kissed salad greens retail/wholesale around $10#…value added from Spiceman’s Garden at $15# look for late crops due to the late spring, okra, eggplant, heirloom tomatoes, yukon gold potatoes, shishito, Padrone, marconi and gypsy peppers…other great organic produce from Tioga Tim late in summer are water melons, canteloupes (sorry honey dew, but…I can’t elope)

Jump for joy!!

SPICEMAN’S “FLAVORHOOD” GARDEN aka (le Jardin de Garde manger) Edible flower mixes (borage, pea, nasturtium, arugula, geranium, soba, mustard y mas)

Micro, Petite and Baby salads in spades (rainbow chards, asian mustards, gold beet, red russian kale, arugugla, sylvetta arugula, et al) Baby Fennel, Micro leeks are limited.Radishes comming on (white icile and breakfast radishes) Lollo Rosso, Salad Burnette, Sunflower Sprouts, pea tendrils…y mucho mucho mas


freshly fallen makes me hear the wilds a callin’ “sprinkle me on your bitter ballen

but what do I know, I’m no Dutch Boy y’allin’

I’m just a so n’ so from down in New Awlins

so get in gear and start a haulin’ …

over to Spiceman’s for some FENNEL POLLEN $1/gram $16 oz


dill, fennel, celery,chervil, cumin, caraway, parsley and carrots are all so very delicious

and all of them are in the wild carrot family also known as “umbelliferous

yet my favorite way to encounter these is in the wild which is very surreptitious

but should you be so lucky to stumble upon them… it would be quite serendipitous

in any case, come try before you buy and I’ll make you a deal that is guarunteed splendiferous

if you’ve got the dough…we’ve got the Dill (priced same as fennel pollen)

RAMPS we are in the late stages of Ramp season which means the bulbs are swelling out like a fat bottomed Botticelli angel with green dove wings that would deliver quite a sumptuous Venus on the half shell augratin retail $16#, i.e. $1 oz whole sale $12#

EAST COAST FIDDLE HEAD FERNS unfortunately…West Coast Fiddle Heads play second violyn to the East Coast (Ostrich Fern) Fiddle heads  retail @ $1 oz   $12# wholesale and fortunately… we have the East Coast in house…one of  Spiceman’s orchestral selections of seasonal celestial perfections

OKRA LOOK! up in the sky…it’s a satellite! it’s a silo… no, it’s rocket! NOPE, it’s only okra $3#

GREEN TOMATOES one potato, two potato, three potato, more? one tomato, two tomatoes, green tomatoes @ $4#

OTHER LOCAL GREENS Waxahatchie, Hydroponic lettuces retail $2/each or $3# cs @ $18

MUSHROOMS we have tons of cultivated exoti mushroom, brown clamshell, white clamshell, baby shiitake, 2 varieties of Maitake/Hen O’ Woods, King Oyster and baby Oysters…pitch til ya win/ half pound bag for $10 …aka Spiceman’s dime bag o’ shrooms Morels, Porcini and Chanterelles are all late this year though we are getting them as we can. That’s why you should pop in the ole FM 1410 from time to time, ya hear?

We’s is a plantin’ all the seeds we can tote in our pokets out into the garden. FYI Spiceman will be some what unavailable for the next two weeks so get a hold of the infamous D. A. T. (David Anthony Temple) @ 214-714-0892 or leave a message on the “cluck cluck cluck and cock-a-doddle-do” line @ 214-954-7974

Stay tuned for more of Spiceman’s “Crop Circle Specials”

We are located at 1410-B N. Fitzhugh Ave. Dallas, Tx 75204 or between Jimmy’s Italian Grocery and the Asian Community Garden…

Our hours of operation are from 10am to 5pm mons thru sats

we accept visa, discover, mastercard, chickens, goose eggs and guinea hens

Thank you kindly fo’ yo’ bidness