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Restaurant Review: Al’s Steakhouse and Salad Bar in Dallas

Asparagus stands at attention at Al’s Steakhouse and Salad Bar.

To be honest with you, the main reason I went to eat at Al’s Steakhouse and Salad Bar was because it was close to Pinkberry in Preston Royal. It was early in my addiction to pomegranate frozen yogurt. I liked the dinner but loved the rush across Royal for swirly goodness.

As a recovering FroYoHo, it was difficult for me to dine at Al’s a second time. Not only could I look out the front window and see Pinkberry customers toting their swirly goodness to their swirly expensive cars, the opening chef, swirly Gaspar Stantic, had left the kitchen. I survived and so did both of my dining experiences. Al’s is a small, friendly, neighborhood steakhouse that serves high quality meat at lower than upscale steakhouse prices. With a Pinkberry across the street. With mango frozen yogurt. And a new frequent buyer card (buy 10 get one free). Across the street from Al’s Steakhouse and Salad Bar in Dallas.

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  • Carnack

    Weak. If you enjoy frozen yogurt so much you might do us all a favor and quit to open your own yogurt place. We still have no clues as to Al’s after this poorly written tripe was entered. Time for old ladies to retire and consider loftier bird watching and yogurt stuffing goals.

  • Nancy Nichols

    Carnack, there is a link to a full review of Al’s in the post above. Would you like to borrow my binoculars?

  • Toodles

    I have to agree with Carnack. This is the most poorly written review I have ever read. Where is Al’s? What did you order? Service? Incomplete sentences….such as “With Mango frozen yogurt” Where is the verb?!!!! Unbelievable inept journalism.

  • sena

    I agree – enough with the Pinkberry. I clicked the link to read about Al’s — not your ridiculous ramblings about overpriced Pinkberry.