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Making Dallas Even Better

Looking for Sourdough in All The Wrong Places

A smoochable sourdough starter. One of the funniest posts that ever ran on the D Magazine website has sadly disappeared into Internet outer space. It was a true story about a baker in a well-know Dallas restaurant. The baker was fired. My memory is sketchy, but it seems the baker was not only fired, he […]

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Opening A New Can of Worms: What is the Most Underrated Restaurant in Dallas

Last week we mucked it up in the corners about restaurants in Dallas that were overrated. Popular spots such as Mi Cocina, Bob’s, Eatzi’s, Primo’s, and Campizi’s took some big (cheap) hits. I thought it would fun to approach this debate from the other side. What are some of your favorite spots that don’t get […]

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Restaurant Review: Al’s Steakhouse and Salad Bar in Dallas

Asparagus stands at attention at Al’s Steakhouse and Salad Bar. To be honest with you, the main reason I went to eat at Al’s Steakhouse and Salad Bar was because it was close to Pinkberry in Preston Royal. It was early in my addiction to pomegranate frozen yogurt. I liked the dinner but loved the […]

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