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Ricardo Avila’s Mextopia in Dallas Opens Today. Avila’s on Maple Opening Soon.

This in from Ricardo Avila:

Come join us for our soft,  pre-grand opening tonight Friday, 4/30/10!  BYOB as we are awaiting our liquor license transfer.We will be opening from 5 pm -10 pm for Dinner.  Saturday we will be open from 5 pm – 10 pm for Dinner and Sunday from 11 am – 3 pm for brunch and open all day until 10 pm. Monday – Thursday we will be open for dinner from 5 pm – 10 pm.  Join us on Thursday Nite for our Cinco De Mayo celebration with live Music by Jimmy Baldwin.2104 Greenville Ave.214-824-9400.

Meanwhile, over at the scene of the crime on Maple Avenue, the newly refurbished Avila’s is hoping to open on May 15.They have a fancy new website.

12 comments on “Ricardo Avila’s Mextopia in Dallas Opens Today. Avila’s on Maple Opening Soon.

  1. yea, mextopia. great name, i wonder how long it took them to come up w/ that one. when will these restaurateurs even attempt something creative? it’s what happens when business guys get a hold of some money.

    i’m always interested in something new opening up on Lower Greenville, hoping that it will begin to change that neighborhood for the better (more neighborhood, less hood).

    are they trying to serve good, fresh, inventive mexican/tex-mex food? or are they going to serve bland, overpriced food w/ velvet ropes outside, bouncers, cover charges?

  2. You can get drinks after dinner at Winedale Tavern, 2 doors down from Mextopia. Its a good little dive bar. The bartenders name is Dan, I think. Definitely have dinner at Mextopia and a drink after at Winedale.

  3. The website needs tweeking (the menu links don’t work) and why did anyone else notice all the typical tex mex items that they added. Why mess with their menu? I don’t have much hope for it.

  4. Waiting for mopre Avila family bs to begin flying. Note to anyone Avia reated: we don’t give a rats ass about your fued or bad food. Fail.

  5. Carver, please enable spellcheck on your browser.

    As for the restaurant, loved me some Avila’s on Maple, but this new outpost seems like it’s in a cursed location, with bad parking. The food will have to be REALLY good to drag me away from Monterrey down the street or Pepe & Mito’s on Elm.

  6. @ G David – everyone knows I am legally blind. Thanks for being a douche.

  7. Carver, anyone like you that wishes someone to fail is BEYOND douche. What in the world have they done to you that you would wish all their efforts and investment be futile and a resulting failure ? Have you never heard of Karma ?

  8. Aired their family trouble in the press for us all to endure. F them and their bad enchiladas.

  9. Can’t wait to try Mextopia. I was a regular at Avila’s for years and plan to be a regular at Mextopia.

  10. I too was a regular at the old Avila’s and will head over to Mextopia to check it out soon. Too bad the name is terrible, I hope the food is still great.

    Whoever designed the new Avila’s website did a great job, the Mextopia one, not so great.

  11. Anyone selling bad Mexican in this city deserves the hell they have all gone through. No predictions necessary as where Ricky’s doofus investors cash will end up.

  12. Went to Mextopia on Saturday night and it was AWESOME! Great food and atmosphere. We’ll be back!