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Cava Restaurant in Dallas is Closed

I’m sad to report the closing of another mom-and-pop restaurant, Cava. I recently reviewed the Latin-inspired Cava and while it wasn’t the best restaurant in the city, it was certainly one of the friendliest and had a small, but loyal customer base. Best of luck to husband-and-wife team Xavier Miro and Catalina Ocampo. This location on the southwest corner of Preston Royal Shopping Center is snake bit. (OH NO! Did someone say snake? I tried to kill one last week!)

12 comments on “Cava Restaurant in Dallas is Closed

  1. Bad location. EVERYTHING in the strip center dies… why is that? Ruggeris seems to be surviving but nothing else (gazebo burger and subway don’t count). Neighborhood Services will rock the corner (as does Fish City, Cantina and PC) so what gives with nothing surviving on this side.

  2. I can’t believe you torched the bird house. That is crazy. Why not spray it with a water hose? Water is much less flamable than fire.

  3. I gave Cava a few chances but Xavier was not very friendly and only looked after certain customers while ignoring others. Catalina worked her butt off but she had little support or help.

  4. I’ve heard the guy who owns that strip center is an absolute nightmare to deal with. He takes restaurants that typically don’t have a lot of money to start and works a deal with them that eventually rapes them. I’m sure someone else will know more about him but I’ve heard you don’t want your restaurant on his corner of Preston Royal.

  5. CoB – I totally disagree Xavier is a man of few words and just happened to be much more comfortable in the back of the house than the front. He got to know and be comfortable with some guests that were there at the beginning and dined at Cava quite regularly – it had nothing to do with him ignoring others despite what it looked like. And yes, the guy who owns the strip center is an absolute nightmare. He made Xavier and Catalina jump through hoops and forced them to change some things in order for them to keep the spot….those hoops and “requirements” are what ultimately killed the restaurant! Good luck to both Xavier and Catalina…Cava will be missed!

  6. I want to hear the debate, you can have Candy in on it, as to why Preston Royal cannot sustain new restaurants. Everyone around there can aford to eat out, so what’s the problem?

  7. Well as someone above mentioned the landlord is your problem there. I really do not want to go into details but it is a real nightmare for a restauranter.

  8. I’ve also heard that leasing with the landlord that owns that strip is like, “having a lease with the devil”.

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  10. My husband and I had a few nice dinners at Cava. I found the service to be welcoming and the food delicious. I did worry because it was never very crowded. Sad to see it close.

  11. I used to get my hair cut at a salon in that strip and the stylist was constantly complaining about the landlord. Also,the logistics of the parking lot are not as good as the other sides of PR.