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Hector Garcia: Restaurateur, Singer, Actor, Movie Star

If you’ve ever eaten at Hector’s on Henderson, chances are good you’ve chatted with owner Hector Garcia. He’s an affable guy who, when coaxed lightly, will pick up a microphone and do a few numbers for the crowd. When he isn’t in his restaurant he devotes a lot of time to urban planning and political activism. He is also an actor.

Hector’s next film is Upper Hand. He says he plays a dude named King, “a club owner who does bad, bad things.” Upper Hand was filmed in Dallas and is full of Dallas actors. It’s an action film starring Michael Nolan, who also wrote, produced, and directed the film.

Upper Hand will premier Saturday (May 1) at the Angelika Theater as part of the USA Film Festival. It starts at 9:30 p.m. For tickets ($10) call Ticketmaster at 214-631-2787. Note: Advance tickets are available ONLY by phone. Better yet, once you have your ticket, show up at Hector’s on Henderson before the show. You’ll receive a free appetizer with purchase of an entrée. And wear something fabulous.

One comment on “Hector Garcia: Restaurateur, Singer, Actor, Movie Star

  1. Hector is a Dallas original. He worked his way up through the Dallas dining business to have his own (outstanding) restaurant, while working for the good of the city in public service, politics, and charitable work. And, yes, he has continued to display his talents as an actor and singer.

    He is genuinely a good guy.