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A Look Inside the New Meddlesome Moth

The place is gorgeous. Clean lines. Sound-absorbing accoustic tiles in the dining room (imagine). An open kitchen. And 40 beers on tap (another 85 in bottle). The Meddlesome Moth just opened today, so it’s early to make such a prediction. But I’m emboldened by hops. So here goes: this is a game changer for the Design District. It just became a destination for folks who aren’t looking for home furnishings.

22 comments on “A Look Inside the New Meddlesome Moth

  1. Totally agree! Us North Oak Cliffers will flock there. Fish & chips at $12 was very good. The boudin looked awesome. Mussels with five different broths. Yum!

  2. @Les: Good to meet you today. And glad to see (from your comment) that you made it home safely. A note to readers: the MM is the sort of place where you run into a guy who took a cover photograph for D Magazine many years ago and where you wind up falling into a conversation that requires calling your wife and begging her to pick up your son because you know you’re going to be late. I’ll be back.

  3. At the risk of it becoming a nauseating love-fest I too enjoyed meeting Mr Funny Guy. Who would have thunk the guy with “a boy’s first mustache’ would be you! Keep grooming it Tim, it’s all going to be OK…

  4. agree w/ the statement about making the DD a destination now – of course it opens AFTER i moved my office out of the area. we will definitely be going back. good selection of sour beers, unfortunately they were all out of the one i wanted (Monk’s Cafe if you’re curious). poor form to have a beer on your menu and then be out of it ON THE DAY YOU OPEN FOR BUSINESS. i would have understood any other time, but that’s not good form.

    i did find a nice replacement for it though.

    and the moth balls were good too.

  5. >>poor form to have a beer on your menu and then be out of it ON THE DAY YOU OPEN FOR BUSINESS.

    That’s not exactly anything new, rare kegs get floated within *minutes* all the time (fastest I’ve seen is 8 minutes). Retaining inventory isn’t necessarily the best either, since it’d be more ideal to have bottles be sold and replenished with fresher stock or rotate for something seasonal.

  6. i completely understand how inventory works. the point was it was 2 hours from open, and looking down the bar, most people were drinking cocktails (at what i would describe as a beer-centric place) and I highly doubt that they had sold a case already.

  7. oh, to clarify, it was a bottle, and it’s not something that i would consider all that rare (it’s on draft at Gingerman – bottle only at Moth), but obscure enough that i doubt your average dallasite has heard of it, much less ordered it.

    doesn’t matter one way or another, they suggested an alternative that was very good, and I intend to return in the very near future – so it didn’t bother me that much.

  8. It is nice to know there are beer drinkers seeking out the sour ales on day one. Completely my fault regarding the Monk’s Cafe. I have a keg in the back, yet listed it as bottle. Making that correction today, but we will not be able to tap the beer until we push through something else. Sounds like you found a great beer anyway.

    A few jewels on the tap wall that should not last long are the Dogfish Head Midas Touch and Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout. We also have a few firkins that we are holding onto until we know enough beer hunters have found us.

    Thanks very much for stopping by.

  9. Keith,
    thanks for the explanation. Easy mistake to make with the hustle/bustle that goes on prior to opening, and trying to figure out how to categorize a beer menu that is constantly changing. I feel for whoever has to sit and re-stuff those menus.

    The Midas Touch is a great keg to have. don’t know anything about the Lagunitas, but now i’ll have to try it.

  10. We really enjoyed the patio last night. Several really good munchies (though the gruyere and endive dish was just a bit too difficult and messy to eat to order again). I thought there were surprisingly few first night mistakes from our perspective. The different tiles on the floor inside are a neat look and having not changed them out from the previous building tenant gets an eco-thumbs-up too!
    Although I have to drive past Uptown and Downtown to get there, I will definitely return to The Moth.

  11. oh, one other note. all the artwork has some sort of tie-in to the area. neat touch.

    see the back of the menu for explanation of the pieces.

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  13. Despite some first week slowness (which I do not mind) Saturday nights dinner was great. Seared Tuna was good, Steak was good, great dessert. Service was great.

    We live in the area (across the street) and definitely will be taking advantage of this place. Like I said late last year… keep your eye on this place. I feel if the voters get rid of dry areas this election year it could becomes a new dining destination especially if people like Wynne continue investing in the area.

    Can’t wait to bring friends.

    Inside track says May 18th is when lunch begins with a different menu.

    I am interested to see how the menu evolves.

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  15. Been counting the days until this place opened! Yay! Now I have a place to meet clients, or have a nightcap on my way home from an event or opening!

  16. Yes, they have a great beer selection, but check out the food selection…excellent! The menu is on there website, check it out. We had a group there Thursday on the patio and it was perfect. Just what we’ve been waiting for in the Design District. Thanks again Shannon

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