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In-N-Out Reportedly Has Locations Under Contract Around Dallas

I wasn’t going to say anything about this  semi-official word on the street but The Advocate posted a note about it yesterday. They are reporting In-N-Out has six locations under contract. (No word on the commissary property.)

The commercial real estate dude I had dinner with last week who is “in on the deal” said it was nine locations with most of them “not in Dallas.” In other words, the folks at In-N-Out were interested in locations in the suburbs. So, there is all the sorta kinda news that just might fit one day.

40 comments on “In-N-Out Reportedly Has Locations Under Contract Around Dallas

  1. Another restaurant chain. How is this a good thing? Probably a good sign that it is not in Dallas. Maybe better things to eat here?

  2. I used to live in Laguna Beach and I never saw all the fuss with In N Out. Okay, a better McDonald’s maybe. I agree with Leslie Brenner at the DMN. There are a lot of good burger places in Dallas. I like Maple and Motor and The Grazing Cow in Plano. I just don’t like chains.

  3. I’ll believe it only when I can actually walk up to the counter and order my double, double with cheese.

  4. Ate at one in San Diego a couple of years ago. I don’t know what the fuss is about. It’s an OK burger but there are lots of places that serve OK burgers.

  5. Please In-N-Out come to Tulsa, OK in my lifetime. Your mustard fried burgers with grilled onions are awesome!

  6. They reported it tonight on the channel 5 10:00 news.
    Even showing the In-N-Out logo!

  7. Went to one in Carson City, NV a couple times, and I was quite disappointed. The food did not live up to the hype. The Del Taco restaurant that was next door had better burgers and fries, and it was a TACO joint!

  8. They put secret sauce (thousand island dressing) on their standard burger. I lived walking distance to one for years and went only a few times. Give me Wingfields, Burguessa, 1st & Ten, or Maple and Motor any day. The suburbs can have all the chains.

  9. Ralph thinks Del taco is better?
    Ralph probably thought the paste in grade school tasted good too.

  10. People in Frisco have been saying for a while now that they bought the Krispy Kreme building on Preston next to Twin Peaks.

  11. Eating at In-and-Out Burger for the first time last October was one of the singular dining experiences of my life. They proved their reputation in one bite.

  12. I HEART In-N-out! Anytime I go to Cali, I go there at least twice! Something about the wax paper around the burger and the hand cut fries that actually taste like a potato instead of a grease stick like McDonalds fries….the people there are actually friendly and like there jobs too!

  13. i’ve been hearing great things about maple and motor lately. must check it out. but still really excited about the possibility of in-and-out. goodbye diet!

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  15. In-n-Out is the Anti-Fast Food. It’s fresh (if you can believe it) and delicious and simple and awesome.

  16. In-n-Out is so average its silly. It would fail here they know it and thats why this is just another rumor. Once this gets shot down can you please stop writing about it. I’m beginning to think this is just your go to article when you dont’ feel like researching real news.

  17. I traveled recently to Orange County and made a pilgrimage to an In-N-Out with very high hopes. Perhaps I did not order correctly but it was average take-out at best. The ingredients were no better than any fast food competitor. Whataburger would have been preferable. And the fries were like dry matchsticks. I can think of a dozen individually owned places in Dallas (but not the burbs) where the burgers are ten times better. Perhaps the burbs is the best place for the chain.

  18. The former KFC on Campbell west of 75 has a sign saying that’s it’s a future In-n-Out. I think that’s an upgrade.

  19. I do kinda agree w/ the comments of mediocrity. It’s a fun place, and I’ve been to a couple in Cali. For some people it’s a mecca. It’s almost like it’s worth it just to see the faithful bliss out. It was good, but I’d never tell them it wasn’t an “end all, be all” experience for me. They’d be crushed. Friendships would suffer. I’ll still go there tho’just for the nostalgia aspect.

  20. What people not from Southern California may not realize is that while In-N-Out probably isn’t the best burger chain in most areas, it probably is the best burger chain (by a wide margin) in SoCal.

  21. @lindsay-

    The old KFC at Campbell and 75 does not have a sign for In-N-Out… It has a Coming Soon sign for Carl’s Jr… I just drove by to check.

  22. Hahaha. In-N-Out shakes are the best. Whataburger is only good when you’re drunk.

    Also Carl’s Jr. has bomb fried zucchini bites.

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  25. “Another restaurant chain. How is this a good thing? Probably a good sign that it is not in Dallas. Maybe better things to eat here?”

    JJC – It’s not just another restaurant chain. And no, there’s nothing in Dallas better than In N Out. If there were, there wouldn’t be a huge buzz about it. So yes, it’s a good thing, because finally someone is going to bring a good burger to a city that has no clue how to make a friggin burger.

  26. Details may help explain some of the fuss. One, the ingredients are never frozen. So, the food is actually fresh. In-N-Out pays quite well for a fast food joint. There aren’t many places a high school kid will make over $10/hr (California market; don’t know what the Texas market would be) so the employees tend to try a little harder to be friendly. The stores are all really open, so cleanliness is a staple in the stores. The company is all privately owned (no franchises) so the company has an investment in all their stores and reputation.

    Is it the best burger you will ever have? I hope not, but it is certainly one of the most consistent products I have ever had.

    -Former employee, loyal customer (CB SLK or SL Light O K)

    Make sure to learns about Animal Style Fries!

  27. In-n-Out is overrated. I grew up in Socal, had it most of my teenage and early twenties life. It was a great place to go late at night and get burger, fries, and a shake. The burger isn’t that great, but the Fries and Shakes are very good. Would rather see a Carl’s Jr instead, closest one is in Anna. Six Dollar Burger (It does not cost that) is a much better burger than a double double, triple triple, or whatever your fancy.

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  29. Had my first In-N-Out in August, ’09, Inland Empire area, I would agree that it was not the best burger I had ever had. This past week we were again traveling to So Cal and stopped at the one on I-40 in AZ. It was delicious! Even stopped there again on the way home. Wish they would bring one to Mt. Pleasant, TX, but then again, I would probably grow tired of it as I have all the rest of the fast food joints here!