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Making Dallas Even Better

What is the Next Dallas Food Trend?

We’ve had petit fours, cupcakes, whoopie pies (sorta), and frozen yogurt. If you had a million dollars, check that, I mean at least two million dollars, what new “trend” or would you bet on? Probably too late for a taco joint. What’s the next big deal?

  • TK

    Can we get a recap?

  • Scagnetti

    @DGirl:”The Austin of old was teeming with cool people, but now it’s full of New Yawkers and other people”

    Do you realize us Yankees can vote now and own property?

  • DGirl

    I know, Scagnetti. I sound silly and antebellum but the Austin of years ago isn’t what it is today, for better or worse. I miss the old days. If you’re a Yankee then you probably don’t get it.

  • Marci

    I’m thinking…people are going to start cooking at home and eating out less….

  • Jo Bennett

    Dallas area is not truly’s predictible.I see very little in the Food or/and restaurant scene here…sorry!

  • mark

    I’d open a Pita place that mimmicks a burrito place in trendy west Plano.

  • kindofabigdeal

    @jo bennett. not being trendy isn’t a bad thing. Trying to be trendy but failing is.

    What does it mean to say you see very little in the food and/or restaurant scene here? Are you having a hard time finding restaurants? no, of course not. You’re saying we’re not on the cutting edge. Dallas needs to appreciate the places that are doing un-trendy food very well before we go making the rules. its the old, “you have to know the rules before you can break them” adage.

    Dallas could stand to be a bit more Portland, and a lot less wanna-be LA and NY.

  • Steven Doyle

    We are a mere 7 days away from J. Blacks from Austin opening on Henderson. I took a peek at the build out last night and it looks awesome. Competition breeds a happy me. They already have their wifi in place (needed it last night while at NST).

    Think small plates, and cool retro drinks like sazerac and Hemmingways.

  • Jessica


  • Elizabeth B

    Hi Steven! I’ve tried to eat at Rusty’s half a dozen times- the line is always out the door! Ugh, for tacos?

  • Steven Doyle

    Ha, Elizabeth you need to call me. I have a secret backdoor relationship at 43 of the best taco stands in Dallas. Code word: FEED ME. See you at the Wine and Dine tomorrow night? Eddie Deen’s. Yum.

  • Luis D

    im putting all my money on food trucks.
    its all the rage in LA.

  • Daniel Carver

    Food from the middle ages is all the rage.

  • Cheese with that wine

    Malay / Indonesian / Filipino ?