Veritas Introduces Their Wine Club

I am a fan of  Veritas Wine Room.  A big reason why is owners Brooks and Bradley Anderson believe in passing along savings they get from their distributor/wineries on to their customers; and their selection always introduces something new and/or interesting to their visitors.

From the release I received today looks like Dallas has an even better opportunity to try some tasty finds with appealing prices:

Dearest Veritas Patrons:
After two amazingly enjoyable and educational years of serving some of the most interesting and laugh-inducing folks in the world (seriously!), Veritas Wine Room has finally found itself in a position to put together . . . the Veritas Wine Room Wine Club! So here we go . . .Welcome to the Veritas Wine Room Wine Club, where the Veritas Team will scour the Ends of the Earth to find you the most exciting, small production wines that we can. The Veritas Wine Club will not only deliver to you tremendous values from the usual areas like Napa, Bordeaux and Tuscany, but also source from off-the-beaten path wine regions such as Priorat, Bandol and even Texas!

In addition to receiving two value-packed bottles of wine every month, Veritas Wine Club Members shall receive the following benefits:  50% discount on any wine tasting and/or chef’s tasting; 10% off of all bottles sales (whether ‘to go’ or ‘to drink here’); and a 15% discount on all case sales.

The Veritas Wine Club shall feature two Member Levels; each Member Level shall receive two bottles every month.  Member Level A shall cost $30 per month plus sales tax and Member Level B shall cost $60 per month plus sales tax.  The two bottles of wine will be available to members for pick up at Veritas on the 7th day of each month.  Since the vast majority of our sales are red wines, the majority of the wines offered by the Veritas Wine Room Wine Club will be red.  We will, from time to time, include white wines when we find a great deal.

More information available at Veritas.

3 comments on “Veritas Introduces Their Wine Club

  1. I’ve been to Veritas twice. The first time was late 2008, I think. It had a nice California vibe to it. Very attractive. The last time was about 6-7 months ago. It was a dump. I had my mom and step-dad with me and on the way there told them how cool this place was. No wine snobs are we. The music from the pizza place next door was way too loud. The interior looked like there had been a beer brawl the night before. My step-dad closed out the tab as soon as we received our first glass of wine. Very disappointing. What happened?

  2. Veritas is a great place to enjoy a drink but they will need to prove themselves over Sacred Cellars for my wino of the month club.

    Big fan of Brooks though and will continue enjoying Veritas…by the way if you have not tried the jalepeno buffalo sausage or the spicy buffalo jerky, you are truly missing out.