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Bad Groceries: Returning Meat at Central Market

Michael Davis over at Dallas Progress sends this story. He bought some ground meat at Central Market and when he opened it at home, he wasn’t too pleased. Spoiler alert: He took it back yesterday and was showered with customer service.

8 comments on “Bad Groceries: Returning Meat at Central Market

  1. I had to return some chicken I bought at Central Market, and it was the same experience. There are still some stores that believe the customer is king.

  2. Haven’t had a bad problem but, I have had to return to Central Market for them to reimburse me for overcharged items.

  3. I have recently been overcharged too. It happend twice in 1 week. What’s up Central Market? I luv ya!

  4. I was sold pork ribs and not baby backs. Of course I cooked the ribs since I had company. I returned with the receipt and spoke to someone in the meat department. They apologized about my experience and they gave me a $20 gift card. Love CM!!

  5. Of course, he was showered with attention. He has one of the curious S. Dallas “consulting” jobs.