8 comments on “Bad Groceries: Returning Meat at Central Market

  1. I had to return some chicken I bought at Central Market, and it was the same experience. There are still some stores that believe the customer is king.

  2. Haven’t had a bad problem but, I have had to return to Central Market for them to reimburse me for overcharged items.

  3. I have recently been overcharged too. It happend twice in 1 week. What’s up Central Market? I luv ya!

  4. I was sold pork ribs and not baby backs. Of course I cooked the ribs since I had company. I returned with the receipt and spoke to someone in the meat department. They apologized about my experience and they gave me a $20 gift card. Love CM!!

  5. Of course, he was showered with attention. He has one of the curious S. Dallas “consulting” jobs.