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Pimento Cheese in Dallas

You either love it or hate it. I happen to love it especially during Hatch chile season when Central Market and Whole Foods custom blend roasted peppers into various combinations of cheeses. Slather it on a grilling burger; pile it on a piece of flatbread; or eat it out of the plastic container. Delicious.

Anywhoo, the subject of pimento cheese comes up quite frequently in our office. We like the versions served at Two Sisters and Corner Market. I happen to like the PC sandwich with bacon served at The Chocolate Angel. Lots of people love the PC at Zoe’s but I find it boring. However, I hear The Second Floor in the Westin Galleria serves a sweet and smoky cheesy spread made with French Cantalet cheese and sweet piquillo peppers. Wonder if they’d add bacon. And a glass of Pinot Noir. Et tu?

18 comments on “Pimento Cheese in Dallas

  1. I am right on board with ya.
    I loved pimento cheese, but am very picky about it. Has to be housemade, no pre-packaged stuff, even at the better markets.
    Also, prefer one with some kick too.
    I also hoarded a ton of it during hatch season.
    Used to work at two sisters also, and think I put on 10 lbs because of their PC alone.
    Wish it wasnt all so expensive though.
    Need to learn how to make my own. Got a good recipe?

  2. Pimento Cheese is like crack to me (if I was a crackhead, I mean). I’m addicted to it. I’m usually into CM and Whole Foods’ versions but lately I’ve been eating Kuby’s Jalapeno Pimento Cheese which is dang tasty. I like it on saltine crackers and in scrambled eggs. And by the spoonful.

  3. I was no on board with Pimento Cheese, having only had it as a child on white bread on white trash vacations. But I tried the Pimento Cheese sandwich at Jack’s Backyard and I’m kind of sold.

  4. At the risk of being set on fire for being a suburbanite, I have to recommend the smoked gouda PC from Market Street. :)
    I have often found myself begging the deli to mix some more when the floor selection inevitably runs out. Down with day-glo, and in with the good pimento cheese!

  5. Up with pimento cheese! Like WF and 2 Sisters but you can make it yourself for much less $$. I think the key is to use 2-3 freshly grated types of cheese.

  6. I am hooked on the Smoked Gouda PC at Whole Foods. Good just out of the container . . . or exceptional with Fritos.

  7. … ahh but the “Palm Beach” at Highland Park Pharmecy elevates the humble PC to ambrosia.

  8. Hmmm….I haven’t ever liked Pimento Cheese, but maybe I have only had gross versions of it. Maybe I need to try it again at one of the above places like WF, CM or HPP…

  9. I can totally vouch for The Second Floor’s version. It’s SO good i take it to go every time I’m there.

  10. I have a secret obsession with pimento cheese. When I did not live here- my first stop would always be HP pharmacy for the palm beach. This week my fav is the Jalapeno Pimento cheese from Kuby’s. It is great with pepper jelly served on ginger snaps- or just toasted on wheat bread.

  11. Elke’s Market in Allen – She’s originated the one served at Kuby’s I believe.

  12. Whole Foods on Lomo Alto sells a made on site pimento cheese in two varieties. With, or without, jalapenos.
    Their pimento cheese is totally addictive! Sold in plastic containers, it’s far from cheap. $11.99 per pound with jalapenos and, $10.99 per pound without.
    But, I can’t be without it. It’s THAT good!

  13. The Pimento Cheese Sandwich at Empire Baking has lots of dill if you like your pimento cheese that way. We have lots of people that swear by it.

  14. My entire family and I love pimento cheese with fritos!!! I know it’s not the healthiest snack, but I don’t really care. We only have it on family vacations when we are all together…and it is so great!!!