Top Grossing Independent Restaurants in America: None in Dallas

Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t received or read your copy of Restaurants and Intuitions magazine you might want to step away from the computer. Today comes the announcement of the 100 top-grossing independent restaurants in America. (Sorry Luniz, no female-owned taquerias.) Anywhoo, no shocker, most places are in New York City. However, the pub also has a story which discusses how many restaurateurs are balancing the cruddy economy with dining discounts and promotions, a talent now known in the biz as “The New Normal.”

Oh, let’s see how long these “New Normal”  half-price wine nights and free appetizers stay in place once we are back to basking in the shadow of our ginormous 401-ks. Until “The Old Normal” returns, I will link to another story that caught my eye: a little love note of sorts to my favorite chef in America. There I said it. (H/T to Dub)

6 comments on “Top Grossing Independent Restaurants in America: None in Dallas

  1. Junior’s in Brooklyn ranked 31st with $14.4M in sales???

    That’s a lot of [censored] cheesecake!

  2. Tao, and some of the others are nightclubs… That figure for Tao is mostly from nightclub booze sales… They are busy for dinners, but not that busy.

  3. @ Nancy – Rick Bayless is my fave too! I have been fortunate enough to eat at each of his restaurants, some multiple times and have seen him there EACH time! Always working, always quick to say hello to diners as he walks through the room, respectful of his staff. I love that he honors his beliefs and backs up everything he says publicly. Chicago is soooo lucky….(dreaming of sopes rancheros right about now). One complaint? Frontera doesn’t do takeout – even your leftovers! Sometimes my gluttony gets the best of me.

  4. There’s nothing like a late Saturday afternoon spent with Rick Bayless and the other PBS cooking shows.

  5. I’ll never comprehend how Skip and Rick Bayless came from the same household.