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Ricardo Avila’s Mextopia is Almost Ready to Open in Dallas

The exterior of Mextopia is purple.

They are putting on the finishing touches of Ricardo Avila’s Mextopia (2104 Greenville Ave.214-824-9400). Scheduled opening date is April 9. Anyone been back to the former location. In case you missed the story on the Mexican revolution that took place last month in this restaurant, you can catch up here. Here. And here.

23 comments on “Ricardo Avila’s Mextopia is Almost Ready to Open in Dallas

  1. Do we call the maple avenue the orginal or former location? Regardless, the Avila’s on Maple was still closed as of yesterday.

  2. We happened to stop by today and learned that they’re opening on April 20th. Peeked in the kitchen and they added a new grill and the dining area looked spiffy too. Saw most of the old staff working hard. Can’t wait til they’re back in business!

  3. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that they said to check the website for grand re-opening details,but the target date for on Maple is the 20th.

  4. None of the old kitchen staff ( the cooks) are staying on Maple. They are all at Ricardo’s Mextopia on Greenville. I went to a preview party and the Brisket Tacos, hot sauce, and the Calabaza con Pollo were just like eating them at Ricky’s old place. I have been without since February 12, 2010. I almost lost my mind when I tasted it!

  5. Funny Jerry- Michelle Andrie- whomever you might really be(?), but the creators of the “REAL” recipes are still on Maple. Guess Richard got away with the flunkies?

  6. I’m tempted to go check it out but don’t think I can handle having Peter sit at the table and trash Ricardo’s family throughout my ENTIRE meal.

  7. Really looking forward to Mextopia. I’ve always loved Avila’s but have no interest in going back now. If I can get my fix at Mextopia, I’ll have no need for Avila’s.

  8. Just saw that Mextopia is going to have a patio. Mexican food and patios just go together — another plus for Mextopia.

  9. I hope Mextopia does some work on their margaritas.


  10. cool.. Chuck- Patricia- whomever you might really be(?) but shouldn’t you be focusing on you grand re-opening on Maple… “New Attitude” whatever… Hope Y’all succeed… wish you the best… why can’t you do the same for Ricky???

  11. Wow!! These peeps can dish it out then become victims… OH SOOO QUICKLY…if somebody responds?? Don’t for CRY FOR ME ARGENTINA…!!!

  12. NEWS FLASH- word on the streets is that Peter has already been fired as the new GM of the not yet opened- Mextopia????

  13. It would be really cool, patricia, if you could blog under your real name… that’s all i’m sayin!!! Mwah!

    you must not be involved in the “new” avila’s on maple since you have so much time on your hands to run all these blogs…

    like i said before spend your energy on Maple… we’ll be spending ours on Greenville…

    Good Luck To All!!!

  14. It sounds like the mextopia group monitors blogs ALL DAY and NIGHT?????? I wonder how they’ll be able to run a restaurant. Maybe THEY… can hire… a GM for blog watch. They’re a bit unstable because they accuse others of blogging… but plan A CUZILLION blogs…. themselves!!!! Sounds like the fiancee, waitress, etc. ARE PARANOID.

  15. Is Peter Tarantino responsible for all his failed restaurant endeavors? I am curious as to why they all end up the same way: Closed, with everyone mad at each other.

  16. It looks like mextopers have turned on Poor Petey and are now targeting him w/ their blogs. Or is it…??? IDENTIFY YOURSELVES BLOGGERS!!! Don’t hide behind those false names. Have you no dignity??? Be civil for goodness sakes!!!! Follow the rules of war blogging.

  17. Why would they fire Peter, he’s a workaholic? Let’s hope he doesn’t follow the blue prints to their shennanagins and try to move Mextopia down the street, with even more parking, an even bigger patio in the middle of the night.

  18. You know what, with all the crap that is showing up on the blogs, I really don’t want to eat at EITHER restaurant now. Way to promote yourselves Avilas!

    Uncle Nancy, please don’t post anything new about the entire Avila family. Or Tesar. Just stick with Salmon, Pizza and burgers.

    Thank you!

  19. I agree 100% with Darren 2nd week of Feb there were THREE total separate blogs devoted to the Fiancee, Ricardo and Peter in one day, daily updates by the fiancee, ct hearings, etc.

    We’ve heard enough from those three to last a lifetime. They’ve given new meaning to gorilla blogging!!!

  20. Yep, agree with Darren and the following poster. No interest in any of them. Will continue to give my business to Herrera’s, Ojeda’s, Mia’s, etc. Plenty of Mexican restaurants in the area who do it right!

  21. I have never been that impressed with the food at Avilas, but I will give this place a try to see if they can step it up. Guy Fieri will be so sad if I don’t.

  22. Ojeda’s has to be the most overrated place in town. Herrera’s, OTOH, is awesome. And when I am not in the mood for Tex-Mex, all I have to do is hit Oshii for sushi or Motor & Maple for burgers!