Somebody Help This Poor Girl: 48 Nights @ Sylvan Thirty in Dallas

This gal e-mails me every Tuesday morning.  She, oh let’s call her SYBIL, is crazy to find out who the chef of the week is/was  at 48 Nights @ Sylvan Thirty.

In case you’ve been on a morphine drip for the last couple of months and watching endless reruns of “24″, you know all about the guerilla restaurant in Oak Cliff. (No, not Gorilla. That’s the new vegetarian spot  in East Dallas.)

Anywhoo, 48 Nights is a pop-up restaurant that rotates 24 high-profile chefs over 48 nights  in building scheduled for demolition. The Smoke/Bolsa folks are behind the charity-driven enterprise that is open only on Monday and Tuesday of each week through July. They’ve created a great buzz—the “game” is to release the menu in advance and reveal the chef only once the patrons are seated on Monday night. Smart, the next two months are pretty much sold out, however I found plenty of availabilities in May, June, and July.

Which brings me back to Sybil. Every Tuesday morning she wants to know who the chef was on the previous night. So, this post will be a first in a series called “Enable Sybil, Feed 48 Nights.” Mr. Mojo is rising. Who was the freakin’ chef last night? Go. Eat. Report. (Kidding about Gorilla.)

9 comments on “Somebody Help This Poor Girl: 48 Nights @ Sylvan Thirty in Dallas

  1. IF you could talk the 48 nights folks into posting it on FaceBook earlier than THURSDAY AFTER, then perhaps you and Sybil could have a normal relationship. Just a thought.

  2. No kidding, I mean these people who clearly have no problem selling seats, are doing this all for free and have full-time other jobs really need to get on-the-ball on their facebook updates… geeesh… ;)

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