John Tesar Joins DRG Concepts in Dallas as a “Corporate Culinary Leader”

John Tesar has a new boss.

Huh? What? Hello, John? WTF is a corporate culinary leader? Is that like the chef’s version of a Boy Scout troop leader? Oh wait, here comes the news: DRG Concepts, owner of Dallas Fish Market, Dallas Chop House, Go Fish Ocean Club, and Fish Express, has hired John Tesar as one of the company’s TWO culinary leaders.

Tesar will team up with Anupam “AJ” Joglekar, the former chef at Bengal Coast, to provide culinary and operational leadership for all DRG brands. Tesar’s official title is culinary director. Joglekar is the corporate chef for DRG and execuchef for Dallas Fish Market.

Sounds vague, eh? There is more to come: DRG Concepts is planning new concepts that will be announced in a few weeks. Betcha one is all Tesar, all the time.

44 comments on “John Tesar Joins DRG Concepts in Dallas as a “Corporate Culinary Leader”

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  2. Good News! Sounds like Tesar will head ‘creative’ which is his strength while AJ will do operations. Can’t wait to see what Tesar will do with a solid company behind him.

  3. WTF is EXACTLY right!?!!??!? All of their concepts are sucking wind bigtime..gotta be losing their asses and now they’re hiring Tesar and talking about opening new concepts!?!??!!? They must have an unlimited supply of cash coming from overseas in unmarked containers…..WOW

  4. @ Uccello:
    The Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek and “David Burke Enterprises” are not solid companies?

  5. I’m starting a book: What odds am I bid on Tesar out at DRG before Christmas?

  6. Worzel,whatever odds you get I’ll triple and make the GTFO date Independence Day….

  7. John Tesar is an ENORMOUS step up from Randy Morgan, Tiffany Derry and Kenny Mills. Instead of ripping DRG, everyone should be thanking them for bringing in a world renowned chef to turn things around.

  8. seafood lover and BIG FAN – two more of Tesar’s personalities. Welcome to the party!

  9. Thrilled to have Tesar back. John’s mastery will certainly will be a huge enhancement and improvement to the mediocre fare at the nicely styled Dallas Chop House and Fish Market! Has he already started?

  10. Let’s get it started – Of course he hasn’t started. Can’t you read? No one believes for a second that you’re some rabid Tesar fan who will die if he doesn’t eat his cooking again. John tesar and GF, stop the madness. Stop posting. Stop. Stop it.

  11. Bug off, Tink. John Tesar was one of very few chefs to get ***** from the Dallas Morning News. Lots of us look forward to him getting back in a kitchen in Dallas. Whatever the anonymous internet haters say, this is great news for foodlovers in Dallas and Chef Tesar will prove them all wrong.

  12. containers of money from overseas, check, help needed at Dallas Chop and Dallas FishMarket downtown, check, Tesar in and out by Christmas, check…

  13. Tink,

    What is the reason you hate Chef in so many ways over so many days? Why do you attack anyone who likes him?
    We known who he is,but you hide in this space called Tink is that like a Taint?

  14. Randy Morgan is a great guy and good chef Tesar, is a great chef and a great guy. I believe his purpose with this company is much bigger, then culinary director. Word from is old cooks that work in Houston is Burger concept followed by a fine dining rest and great partnership with Mike Hogue owner of DRG.

  15. Let me get this straight two fools with fake names meet in a parking lot 6 months from now to collect on a bet about a person they don’t know anything about? Wild is this a Quentin Tarantino film?

  16. Mike hogue and DRG are a gutsy, progressive company who know how important downtown Dallas is going to be in the years to come.
    While others pull back and serve chain crap, DRG is pushing for growth and quality and promoting Dallas.
    Tesar is just the experienced man to complete this vision of such a bold and fearless restaurant company. Business is business, snotty racist slurs, and Tesar haters, just sad and hopeless.

  17. Tesar & Mike Hoque… this should be interesting. My money says this turns sour before the end of the year.

  18. I think Tesar’s return is the best thing to happen to this town in the last year along with Bruno coming to the Mansion.
    Middle of the road steak houses and a bad fusion Indian restaurant 4 star come on Leslie and Ocean Prime?
    Finally Bruno and Tesar now we have two great chefs in our great city.
    Dallas Restaurant Group was smart to hire Tesar to raise the bar again,just like he did at the Mansion.

  19. Are you aware that Tesar’s father-in law passed away this week? He will return to Dallas sometime this week and he told me to stop reading this crap and get ready to kick some A##.
    You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Seriously!

  20. Uh Yeah…
    Put your money where your mouth is. How do you know what is going to happen? How do you know the two men in question? What is your point? Expand upon your knowledge.

  21. C note,
    Mansion has not made money in a decade, and David Burke has more personnel and legal problems than the current economy, do your research.

  22. If I am Tesar, you must be out of your mind
    I worked for Burke and quit, don’t even know Tesar.
    My buddy works for Charlie Palmer and the word around town is Mansion has never made money so obvious. Why do you want to call me Tesar?

  23. Randy Morgan’s food was fantastic. Please don’t put him in the middle of the this!

  24. So this AJ guy? How does a chef specialized only in Indian food make the cut for corporate exec chef considering that matches none of the DRG concepts.. would have been a better fit for Tesar. Mike Hoque runs a crappy operation and treats his employees much like the same… ever talked with him? he’s your typical Dallas BS-er.. Go Fish was about to close on Saturday, and Fish Market shouldn’t be too close behind.

  25. People (especially staff) loved to hate Avner as he bounced around town from venue to venue, always creating fantastic food along with controversy wherever he went. It is his passion that created his problems, but he gained some wisdom and has done well while doing the town proud for several years now. John, ignore all fools who blather on here, go speak with the wise one, learn, cook, live well and prosper. Best wishes from one who has never met you, but loves great food and appreciates your bringing yours to Big D.

  26. Yes, so John Tesar can aspire to be like Avner Samuel and not pay his employees and pureyors. Nice.

  27. @Gilda – who, might I ask, the the “wise one” you encourage Tesar speak with?

    Mr. Miyagi?

  28. Well word on the street is DRG doesn’t pay their purveyors and employees either so…. makes sense why the good people (Jonn Boudoin and Randy Morgan) high tailed it out of there.

  29. Ate at Dallas Fish House on Saturday, it was the worst food and service that that I have had in the 30 years of living in Dallas, it was just awful!