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Dimples Cupcakes to Open in One Arts Plaza in Dallas

This just in from our cupcake correspondent, Allison Hatfield.

Yes, yes, cupcakes are so last year. You told me that already. But I won’t be convinced. And clearly there’s a whole lot of cupcake eating going on. Proof: Dimples plans to open a fourth location at One Arts Plaza in June. That’s another 850 square feet of cake-and-frosting goodness to be located in the space now occupied by WRR, across from 7-11. Owner Chad Sorrells seems plenty excited. Until then, get your sugar fix with the just-launched ice cream-filled cupcakes. That’s right, Dimples is pumping homemade vanilla or chocolate soft serve into its oversize delights – available only at the Frisco location for now.

7 comments on “Dimples Cupcakes to Open in One Arts Plaza in Dallas

  1. Drop the cupcakes.

    Whoopie Pies is where its at.

    But in all seriousness, I am originally from around pittsburgh, went home for the holidays they had a popcorn shop with all types of decadent popcorns made daily. Peanutbutter/Chocolate Popcorn. Savory popcorns. It was awesome. And it was packed.

    Any place like that around here?

  2. Wake me from my [sugar induced] coma when Voodoo donuts comes calling. The magic really IS in the hole!

  3. J.B., try Candy Corns in Snider Plaza. it might not be exactly what you are looking for but i think it’s the closest thing we’ve got.

  4. There’s a little popcorn place in Austin on Guadalupe Street thats sells about 75 flavors of popcorn. Cornucopia Popcorn.
    Some weird (like Austin) flavors, too. Aside from the usual and unusual sweet flavors they do some crazy savory flavors as well like, “dill pickle” and, “loaded baked potato”.