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Alberto Lombardi to Open New Place in the Old Chip’s Place

A little bird just chirped this big news:

Lombardi bought the old Chips place next to Taverna. Turning it into a low key pizza place to buy a slice or a pie and a bottle of wine.

UPDATE: Bill Armstrong, Lombardi’s longtime rep, says Lombari is taking over the Chip’s space. However, the concept is “still under raps.”

17 comments on “Alberto Lombardi to Open New Place in the Old Chip’s Place

  1. Over on the “I remember Dallas when” website there was some hoping the Old Church concept might be revisited. Adding an interesting Jukebox and full bar could do the trick!

  2. That concept just might work there. Provided of course, it’s reasonably priced.

  3. He needs to spend a little more time with Taverna, last month we were there and the pizza was cold and the risotto severely under cooked. Service was good though. And I can’t imagine him doing anything reasonably priced…

  4. The scoop on this is it will be casual and moderately priced with grab your own beer and individual wine. This should be a good option down there if you don’t want to spend a lot of money and are pressed for time. Looking forward think they have a late May or June opening.

  5. We love Taverna. Our favorite pizzas and the risotto is always terrific. And the Sunday brunch is also one of our favorites.

  6. Unfortunately, Taverna and Toulouse went on the “do not repeat” list – haven’t found the charm of Mr. Lombardi’s operations yet.

  7. Have loved Lombardi’s restaurant’s in the past, but recent visits have been cursed by Pesco, the worst eatery ever.

  8. We’re regulars Lombardi’s restaurants and just returned from dinner at Taverna. We thought it was awesome. DDude and I each ordered risotto and they were both perfect. Richard Clayton, VP of Ops for the restaurant group was there and nothing was amiss. The place was packed – especially the patio. I’m fired up about the possibility of having a great pizza place next door. I got some scoop on it but I won’t repeat it . . . all I can say is that it will be amazing.

  9. I don’t know what some of the posters are talking about because Taverna’s food, service and ambiance is perfect every time I go. I’m interested to see what concept Mr. Lombardi chooses for the Chip’s location because I’m sure it will be excellent no matter what. I’ve always had great dining experiences at his restaurants and I think they are all moderately priced considering the quality of food and exceptional service you get.