Shocking News: Texas Loves Beer

I was doing some research on the TABC website and found this  chart.

Texas: Per Capita Consumption of Alcohol
February 2010

Distilled Spirits
Total Tax Collections: $3,548,833.00
Total Gallons: 1,478,680
Per Capita Consumption: 0.0594
Tax Rate Per Gallon: $2.40
Total Tax Collections: $666,902.00
Total Gallons(Estimated): $2,709,156
Per Capita Consumption(Estimated): 0.1088
Tax Rate Per Gallon(Estimated): $0.246166
Low Wine: $0.204
High Wine: $0.408
Sparkling Wine: $0.516
Total Tax Collections:  $6,417,024.00
Total Gallons: 33,154,690
Per Capita Consumption: 1.3311
Tax Rate Per Gallon: $0.193548
Total Tax Collections: $602,176.00
Total Gallons:  3,041,293
Per Capita Consumption: 0.1221
Tax Rate Per Gallon: $0.198
Statistics based on gross tax collections by the Commission and population estimates are from the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts ‘Economic and Population Forecast Summary’. Estimate of Population: 24,908,333.

3 comments on “Shocking News: Texas Loves Beer

  1. I was curious, so I figured others might be too. Texas calls all beers above 5% abv ales, regardless of the yeast.

    For reference, Boddington’s, Bass, and Smithwick’s all fall under 5%