John Tesar Has Left Tesar’s Modern Steak & Seafood

I spoke with John Tesar yesterday and he confirmed he was out of Tesar’s Modern Steak & Seafood in the Woodland’s. He asked me to hold the story until Monday when he planned to announce his future plans. However, Mike Hiller claims he heard the story from a bird (what kind, Mike?)  and reports the story. Ad out, Tesar. Match point. You want to talk now or wait until Monday? Waiting…

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  1. T’would be interesting if tesar opens a restaurant in Dallas because he always had such contempt for the “tortilla soup” and “lobster taco” eating “hillbillies” in Dallas. Last time he spent much of his energy attacking dean fearing. Who will it be this time?

  2. One thing I do know is that Jeramie has no spine, and Dallas Observer, The history of blog sniping is not a good example of truth or fact.
    In fact it has a history of being lies about people with good reputations from anonymous losers so if that is history or fact to you then you must be watching TMZ reruns right now
    Your attempt at slander and lack of reality are frighting maybe the Easter Bunny will be at your house next month with the tooth fairy.
    Your rude mean untruthful comments about have no traction.
    Why do the same people keep going back to work for him ? Not for months,but for years?
    Why only now that they are fighting about the use of his name is everyone so mad at him.
    Why do they only attack him after he decides to leave? Psychotic? The guy is a great chef and a great person reading this crap all day will make you Psychotic.

    If you go back through that history log you suggest we do it’s the same 5 broken people writing the same untruthful things over and over again just like you are doing

  3. Tink,

    My buddy loves Dallas and it was his job to get rid of that soup and taco.
    Who are all you people and where do you get your nerve to attack a good man with this bull shit.
    Lets take a close look at your lives, What a bunch of hollow low life asshole with nothing better to do
    Tesar hasn’t even made a comment because I know he doesn’t read this crap.
    I can bet this is all cooks at Tesar’s and ex-partners venting instead of running their business

  4. Observer,
    Tyrant ? Psychotic have you ever met this guy? Throw people under the bus? Forget blogs goggle the guy.
    Tesar has many friends and I am one of them. I am also a professional chef recruiter and I would place him anywhere anytime,but he tells me he wants to stay in Texas.
    He is one of the most sought after respected chefs out there.
    Shame on you, you must be one of the partners I have been hearing about. He does have to explain to people why he wanted to leave and he did just that to me last November when his partners could not afford to pay him any longer.
    Instead of firing his staff he went to find a job and let them have the opportunity, does that sound like throwing people under the bus?

  5. Ex boss, Bob an Jill, Good job! Thanks for standing up for John. All comments are very accurate!

    Taze me bro, I only worked with Jeramie because John hired him, not because of his skills which do not exist. Spine, laughable. The only word I have for him is snake. Jeramie in fact tried to get me to go behind John’s back and talk to the partners. Which I would not and did not do.
    Jeramie took credit for work I did. Things he is still not cabable of doing… and taze me bro, why are you defending him? You and I both know that Jeramie was throwing you under the bus all the time with JT and the partners. You also know that he was texting JT begging for a job and to be taken on the next venture.

    Let it all go people. You wanted him gone and he is. Let John live his life and be happy! What does it matter to you? Go ahead and run the restaurant, you two want to prove something? Do it by making it successful. Good Lord Already!

  6. I have never met this guy but I have eaten in 3 restaurants he has been the chef of and the food as always been amazing.
    So have the reviews isn’t that what really matters?
    It seems his personal life is his business and if employees think its proper to tell stories with out foundation isn’t that abusive?
    Does anybody know who Marco Pierre White is? Read White Heat.
    What about Bourdain or Molto Mario dropping the F-bomb at sobe last year
    Read about these chefs. All chefs will be chefs and good ones in Dallas are hard to find!
    I hope he does come back what was he doing in the Woodlands anyway?

  7. I know that asking for proper grammar and a run through Spell Check might be a stretch, but can’t you guys at least punctuate your soap opera?

  8. This guy has been burning bridges his entire career and personal life. Give it a year and he’ll be moving on from Dallas for “Better Opportunities” leaving a trail of people feeling like they were dooped. And saying that it was because the people he worked with were broken and clueless. Classic Tesar reaction.

  9. Jeramie did what had to be done. Everyone who’s left is doing what has to be done. Work is way better without the drama and big egos.

  10. Only six more comments and someone can join the imaginary Grape dinner with Uncle Nancy…make that five more…

  11. Tesar’s full of excuses and blame then has his imaginary friends and wives/girl friends, etc. blab silly nonsense. The “sous chefs” who say they loved working with him and would work with him again I say this: Ask Jeramie and Austin how that worked out for them. How Tesar is going to get money to open another restaurant is the kicker. And ask waiters and line cooks who have worked with him. He’s toxic and it shows in the service. His aura is really negative and I for sure wouldn’t want to eat in such a downer of a restaurant.

  12. who knew that being a chef made one so angst-ridden? and such a bad speller? Not I. Is it just me, or is this sort of a random place to have a knock-down drag-out slugfest?

  13. From H-Town Chow Down: Kicking off this week’s round of local food blog roundups is Albert, who you’ll recognize from this week’s feature on Houston’s best bloggers. He has a shocking bit of news out of The Woodlands: John Tesar has been fired by his investors from his eponymous restaurant, Tesar’s. The restaurant has been receiving rave reviews, so we can’t imagine that it was Tesar’s cooking talent that caused this rift. Hopefully, Tesar will stick around and come into the city proper, where his skills would be appreciated by fans who always hated the long drive up north.

    Yep. It says right here he was FIRED. Again.

  14. For those of us who haven’t worked at Tesar’s, can someone give us the lowdown on who these people are and what they do (and, for those who no longer work at Tesar’s, how they came to leave)? Tesar we know. “Barb” sounds like former Tesar’s pastry chef Barbara Dellich. But who are Austin, Jeramie/Jeremy, John, Scott, Steve and Jake?

  15. HR, shame on you for putting last names. If you don’t know who John is… why read this blog? John and Tesar are one in the same. The others are sous chefs.

  16. I didn’t know that that was the same John or some other John, Tony. According to some of the people above, Scott (Barber) wasn’t a sous chef, but a sommelier or beverage director.

    Shame on me? It’s you and your former co-workers that are naming names and making allegations of abuse, dishonesty, marital infidelity, and more. I’m just a spectator trying to figure out who all these people are. If you want a spat with your former co-workers to be private, don’t post it on a public blog.

  17. cbs and DEF: Thank you, both. I had been thinking the same thing but, was reluctant to jump into this (pardon the intended pun) hot frying pan of a topic.

  18. Oops, missed Scott in that. Yes he was beverage director and did a great job for the company.
    The only ones making the allegations of abuse and mistreatment are Jeramie and Austin.
    Why anyone would bring in anything other than the food, which was fantastic, makes no sense to me.
    Personal lives are not anyones business. First names were given, generic names.
    We know you are not a spectator, because you wouldn’t know the last names otherwise. Or you have a lot of time on your hands to research…..

  19. @rob. You get a gift certificate to Tesars modern steak and seafood! Congratulations.

  20. Can’t pull one over on you, Tony. You’re right. I’m not just a spectator. I’ve actually been working on an unauthorized biography of John Tesar. You wouldn’t believe some of the stories I’ve heard. The publisher wants to call it “Tesar Does Texas,” but I’m still partial to “Steers, Queers, and Jimmy Sears.”

  21. I dunno. But it wasn’t important anyway, Twinwillow. But In love HR Department’s book title.

  22. I love the new book title, HR Department.
    When I “enjoyed” a dinner at the Mansion under Tesar’s concept, the dinner involved FOAM. I asked a friend about that foam concept and she mentioned that her lunch (at a previous time/date) also involved foam.
    No one likes foam in the food, so maybe that happened in Houston, too.

  23. Just wanted to let y’all know that I didn’t post the comment above that was attributed to me. We did run the story that the Press cited; our source is one that has been reliable for us in the past.

    We’re big fans of John Tesar and his work. The man knows his way around a kitchen, and has created on of the best burgers we’ve ever tasted. We’re hoping he stays in the Woodlands, or at least in the Houston area.

  24. HR Department-
    Have you no life? You were clever at first…even informative to those not in the know. However, your last post was highly inappropriate and base. Stick to being clever.

  25. This thread and the comments are HILARIOUS! It’s almost like there are only 4 or 5 people commenting but they are doing it under various handles.

  26. I have to say this is the most interesting posting I have seen on Side Dish.

    I had heard that it was not JT’s cooking that gets him in trouble, but his extracurricular activities. Despite that, I will welcome back anyone that will help elevate the Dallas culinary scene.

  27. No, H-Town. He is very impulsive by nature and prob doesn’t even have a deal inked yet. I know he’s been in Dallas several months, his departure from the woodlands has been a long time coming. I heard a Tesar’s hamburger place in North Dallas, I heard corporate chef at Dallas Restaurant Group (Go Fish) but who knows. Yes, he can cook but he’s such an a-hole that he sets a really nasty tone wherever he goes. It’s like eating the second best meal of your life in a hospice full of sick and dying people. Good food but terrible vibe.

  28. “It’s like eating the second best meal of your life in a hospice full of sick and dying people. Good food but terrible vibe.”

    Awesome. I have now found my new favorite analogy. Thanks Over It!