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What I’m Drinking Now: St Patty’s Day

I have a distinct memory from my childhood when I would go visit my dad for Spring Break in Washington DC.
St Patrick’s Day always fell during that week and my dad loved to take me and my sister to this adorable restaurant that would serve us green milk, and my dad enjoyed a tall green beer. 
Thinking back on it now, I am not sure I would drink green milk, as the idea does make the stomach turn a bit…however, the green beer is always good. 

If you too are in the mood, and the Greenville Ave festivities didn’t wear you out for the week, there are many options around town to bring out the Irish in us all.

Vino 100 is offering Green Bubbly all night for $5 a glass.

Sigel’s on Greenville is having a tasting with Kevin Merah, owner of 90+ Cellars, a new wine company that has been taking advantage of some struggles with the economy to buy 90+ point wine at a low price and passing the savings on to you.  The tasting is free, but you must RSVP.

Head over to any of Kent Rathbun’s  restaurants to try $4 tasty cocktail specials made of  Bailey’s Irish Cream or Bushmill’s Irish Whiskey.

Or just go straight for the thick and robust Guinness,  specially priced this week at Central Market.

If you are looking for a lighter green beer to celebrate the occasion, I’ve tried a few craft brews lately that would be even better green with a bit of Irish luck!

Deschutes Brewery Cascade Ale - Light and crisp with herbal notes, but not hop heavy as some out of the region are, and easy to enjoy more than one.

New Belgium Mothership Wit- Wheat Beers can be really good…or not so much…this is a good one.  New Belgium’s organically-produced wheat is lively, with strong orange peel and coriander notes.  Though it is a wheat beer,  you don’t feel like you just ate a loaf of bread when you are done with one.

Abita Beer in Louisiana offers many tasty selections.  The Restoration Pale Ale is a dense, hop filled IPA that was created immediately after Hurricane Katrina to raise funds for help and long term recovery.  Over $500,000 was given to Louisiana Disaster Recovery Foundation.

Abita Purple Haze - yes, I am a girl, and yes, I do like fruit beers…Purple Haze is a tasty one too.  This American style wheat gets a dash of raspberry puree added after filtration, resulting in a beer filled with subtle citrus and berry aromas and flavors.

If you need a special cup to enjoy your tasty brews, consider Spiegelau’s new Beer Classic’s Collection.  Just like wine, the taste of the beer is effected by the type of glass (which is why a Stella glass is different from a Chimay  glass which is different from a traditional Pilsner.)  Spiegelau’s are designed to enhance the aromas, flavors and mouthfeel of your favorite beer.

3 comments on “What I’m Drinking Now: St Patty’s Day

  1. I don’t think it’s available outside of Louisiana, but their annual Strawberry Lager is tasty. A smooth, crisp lager with a faint hint of strawberry flavor…not sweet at all, but quite smooth.

  2. I’ve got to strongly disagree on Purple Haze. The brewmaster at Abita told me that their beers can get skunky if not kept cold but I had the Purple Haze sample from the hospitality room of the brewery. I generally like or even tolerate most any beer, especially free samples at a brewery, but PH was just, well, nasty. That was 7 years ago and they’re still brewing it, so someone must like it, I reckon.