5 comments on “Spelling Police Nab Stephan Pyles

  1. You guys office near Stephan Pyles. Any intel on who the douche-bag with the hat is? Several times a week this guy comes in for lunch at Pyles, always wearing a piece of Randy McDandy headgear.

  2. Spelling becomes open game from here on in the FrontBurner Nation? I hope not. One of the more petty, ridiculous vitriolisms(real word?) we used to deal with.

  3. I would always issue a large hall pass to people with spelling infractions. Life’s too short. Check out most menus and you will find a gaffe or two.

  4. Oh, Timmmy. Please take your spelling issues back to FrontBurner. Correct spelling and punctuation is a large component of SideDish’s charm. We are rough and rude and always in a hurry.