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Shop at the New Whole Foods Market in Dallas Today and Dallas Famers Market Friends Benefit

Plenty of tail for sale at Whole Foods.

Today, Whole Foods Market will offer the Dallas Farmers Market Friends, the non-profit support arm for the Dallas Farmers Market, one percent of the day’s net sales at the new store as part of their Community Giving Days.

We all know the Dallas Farmers Market needs more than Friends—they need money. I haven’t been to the new store, but I hear there is plenty of grocery porn on the shelf to satisfy even hard-core foodies. Go. Buy. Report. The 64,000-square-foot store is at Park Lane and Central Expressway across from NorthPark.

12 comments on “Shop at the New Whole Foods Market in Dallas Today and Dallas Famers Market Friends Benefit

  1. Whole Foods is trying to buy itself back into the good graces of the same people who were alienated by their CEO’s opposition to health insurance reform. Doesn’t work for me.

    I’d rather support the Dallas Farmers Market Friends directly. Using WF’s formula, I would have to spend $100 to have $1 go to DFMF. I’d much rather send them $25 myself than $2,500 at Whole Foods.

  2. @Kirk,

    I don’t want to get into the difference between “gross” and “net” sales because there are too many possible expenses that could be factored in, but in order to donate $1, you’d need to spend a bit more than $100. Your plan of sending $25 direct is certainly the better thing to do.

    But, if you were going to shop at WF anyways, then it’s a nice benefit.

  3. yeah, who do these people think they are donating money and stuff?! It’s a no win, you give $ and it’s not enough or its pandering. You don’t give and you are the soulless corporate monster.

    Looking forward to my visit to this store.

  4. I imagine 1% of Whole foods sales for a day (gross or net or whatever) will still be quite substantial. I don’t think the Farmer’s Market Friends are complaining. Now if you REALLY want to support the Farmers Market you could shop there instead of Whole Paycheck or Central Markup.

  5. Rebecca: Done.

    Brad: I rounded (in their favor), since I don’t know what the gross/net split is.

    cbs: Enjoy your trip.

  6. Call me crazy but I shop at Whole Foods, Central and the Farmers Market depending on the day of the week and what I’m looking for. I like them all for different reasons.

  7. We were very dissappointed with this new store because we had understandably very high expectations. We thought Whole Foods being a proud Texas corporation and staking a claim in a new prestigious neighborhood would give it their best. Based on your two year old Whole Food stores in Pasadena and El Segundo California, this store is second or third rate. We were regular customers in El Segundo and were proud to say Whole Foods was from Austin, Texas (like us) and they did things right. Too bad we got a Trader Joes (California folks will know what I mean) instead of a first class store to compete with Central Market. Central Market does not need to worry!

  8. Shop at the New Whole Foods Market in Dallas Today and Dallas Famers Market Friends Benefit

    Hey, Nancy…..guess the Famers can eat Stephan’s Rueben.:-)