3 comments on “Reader Review: “I Survived 48 Nights With Tony Gardizi”

  1. I was there last night and to be fair, the pictures really don’t do those dishes justice. The second course, in particular, was much more attractive than it appears.

    I liked the meal, though I had been nervous about the marrow. It was nothing like what I had expected and was actually quite enjoyable. The second course was just as she described. I found the duck to be juicy and flavorful and the rice was as good as she claims it was. I hated the dessert but the rest of my table loved it so I suppose oyster cheesecake just isn’t my thing.

    I’d also agree with her overall assesment of 48 Nights. The overall vibe in the place was unbeatable and hearing from a chef between each course as he describes exactly what he’s attempting to accomplish is pretty cool for food nerds. If you want the best, and biggest, $75 meal you can get, you’d be better off elsewhere. On the other hand, if you’re looking for an adventure and a fun meal in an intimate setting, give it a try. I’m wondering how I can rob a bank so I can go back once or twice.

  2. The fun of a place like this (where there are no options) is that you try things that you would never order. I probably would not order anything on that menu, but I bet I would have enjoyed it and I certainly would have enjoyed the adventure. I went the first week and agree that the vibe of the room is really special. And, you are raising money for good charities. That being said, it’s not for everyone. I have plenty of friends that would really hate the experience if it involved anything other than a chicken breast!