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8 comments on “Chic From Barcelona is Still Open

  1. Food is approximately 1 billion times better than Boston Market. Service measurably better although probably less than 1 billion times better.

  2. I love Chic — food and service! They are a great little hideout. Wish more people went there regularly because I’m always afraid the next time I want to go, they’ll be closed.

  3. Very overpriced for takeout roast chicken – I believe one chicken is about $12! You can get 4 at Sam’s Club for that price…

  4. Service is Bad. We were there recently and no one greeted us. We sat done and waited for 5 minutes and then left. Only 2 tables had customers!

  5. I haven’t been since the first year they were open, but had a wonderful experience!

    The owner actually sat with us and discussed the concept behind the restaurant, and we got to draw on one of the plates that adorn the wall. (“Chicken Run” look for it in the first row.) :)