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Whole Foods on Park Lane Looks to Enable Alcoholics, Foodie Supremacists

The wave of “Park Lane Whole Foods Grand Opening, Coming Soon!” hoopla has taken over the local news outlets, and I didn’t get what the big deal was until D‘s Krista Nightengale and I took a tour today. The new Who’Fo’ is basically like others around town, but it seems better-planned and more indulgent. If you can see past the fish oil and kombucha, Whole Foods is a fun place. The dessert bar is directly beneath an “Our Commitment to Health” sign, which is a few feet away from a frozen yogurt area and a design-your-own cupcake bar. (Look, Nancy! More cupcakes!) Another hands-on project: a bottle-your-own station with six varieties of olive oil and three balsamic vinegars. There are bins of loose-leaf tea, a dozen tubs of salt and pepper (I liked the chardonnay oak-smoked variety), more than 400 types of cheese cut to order, and more than 1,000 wine selections (most are less than $20, and there’s a good showing of unexpected options in splits). The store has a wine bar with one red and one white wine on tap; they’re still working on a handy way to fasten a wine glass safely in a shopping cart. And there’s the fancy touchscreen (above) in the produce department that does this (below) when you touch it. Say you want to make a meal with summer squash and squab: type it into the handy recipe finder and up comes a recipe and shopping list for the remaining ingredients. Pretty clever for folks who shop without a set menu.

(Full disclosure: We ate free cupcakes and walked away with pasta fixin’s for dinner.)

14 comments on “Whole Foods on Park Lane Looks to Enable Alcoholics, Foodie Supremacists

  1. Whole Foods seems to have an identity crisis. I guess you’re supposed to buy the tofu and organic brown rice after you have open heart surgery from all their high-fat cheeses and desserts if you survive the cupcake-induced diabetic coma. But be assured, no products will have corn syrup and all the peanut butter will be a gooey non-hydrogenated mess.
    And don’t get me started on the average tasting over-priced produce. Central Market has nothing to worry about.

  2. The original plans called for a sushi sit down bar as in the Austin downtown store. Did this get eliminated when WF downsized this store.

  3. Whole Foods is an elitist, rapublican disappointment. It is now referred to as Whole Paycheck. Newflower Market is better. Fewer elitists.

  4. I really like Newflower’s affordable prices and decent produce. Their meat is an abomination however. Terrible selection and horrible quality.

  5. these mega stores can put in foot massagers and 100 “build your own _____”, but they still can’t compete with independent gourmet shops like TJ’s, Kubys, Scardellos, Jimmy’s etc when it comes to product quality and staff knowledge.

    When it comes to fish, they order thousands of pounds at a time. TJ’s orders 6-8 lbs of each fish a day. who do you think has better quality control?

  6. I shop Sprouts (often) for produce, meat and fish and the ghetto Tom Thumb at Meadow and Central for lots of basics. Once in a while to Central Market and NEVER to Whole Paycheck. I may give this new close by location a try but I’m not like wild about going in there. Thanks for the feedback.

  7. Newflower sucks (especially the meat) compared to Sprouts. More expensive for the same items, too.

  8. Sprouts is awesome, but you don’t get that great butt-sniffing elitist vibe that you pay for at WF.

  9. This new Whole Foods has several vegan items which were previously available to Dallasites only through online outlets. That’s about the only reason I’ll go in there, but if I’m there and I feel the urge to bottle my own olive oil, don’t hate me.

  10. great store…Whole Foods has long lost its hippie dippie status as a “health food store” but as a concept they are great….I used to live in Austin above the 12th & Lamar store and remember all the girls with thier Birkenstocks, dreadlocks, tats, piercings, gauze skirts and unshaven pits and the totally indegestible baked goods…LOVE the new store and plan to shop there this weekend…Saturdays menu-Baked Halibut Steak with Tomato Concasse and balsamic gastrique, steamed asparagus with starch TBD at the store…we are so lucky to have them here along with Sprouts (love them and the 50s-60s music, just for me to sing and whistle along with, Central Market with inexpensive store label organics and the BEST meat and seafood in town…..we are truly lucky and they can HAVE the downtown “Farmers Market” (along with Mayor Miller) with their one or two true producers of food…let them run out of money…what is required in Dallas is a true farmers market such as the one starting in Firewheel in Garland on Saturdays

  11. Something to keep in mind is that Whole Foods never declared itself a health food store! They sell higher quality ingredients than most, meaning that yes…you can eat a cupcake that is not filled with trans fats…does that mean it’s good for you? Of course not! It does mean that you can eat such things without all of the chemicals, artifical food colorants, and preservatives. I, for one, enjoy cupcakes! I love knowing that I can get one and enjoy it without all that yucky junk! Thanks, Whole Foods!