Dimples in West Village in Dallas is Open

Some folks around here are nutso for cupcakes. I am not one but our grammarian and copy editor, Allison Hatfield, loves them. She loves them so much she got up early today to get a taste of Dimples. (That sounds gross.) Hear her purr.

The West Village finally gets its cupcakes due, and I was first in line this morning at the opening of Dimples. I got my free wedding cake cuppie (free to the first 50 customers) and purchased six more. They were still trying to get the show on the road — or the cupcakes in the case, as it were. The register wasn’t even plugged in yet. The owner reported a brutal commute from Frisco this morning, and I nearly volunteered to run the place I love it so much. I got them to package up the red velvet, chocolate mousse, and the chocolate cream cheese, but am most looking forward to trying the strawberry, which they didn’t have today.

Cuppie? Is that like sammie? Oh, no could “yummy” be far behind? Grrr.

12 comments on “Dimples in West Village in Dallas is Open

  1. I just ordered some of the filled cupcakes from Society Bakery for my husband’s birthday: Brooklyn Blackout, Pecan Praline, and Boston cream pie, can’t wait to try!

  2. Sounds like she had already made up her mind to “love” those before she even had a first taste. Why publish drivel like this when it has no credibility whatsoever? Trying to keep up with City of Ate in the “suck” quotient?

  3. fescue: Unless the cupcakes were stale, I don’t see any reason not to “love” them. When have you ever had a bad cupcake??

  4. I’m thinking Allison has had Dimples before- I mean they do have other locations… If not, that would be like me offering to be a waiter at Hacienda because I love Mexican food…

  5. Can’t beat a Sprinkles Red Velvet . . . unless you’re at Billy’s in NYC or Buttercup in London.

  6. ‘Dude: Macaron’s rule! Natsumi Gelato has a good selection baked by the owner, Natalie.
    They’re really good, too.

  7. It was originally supposed to be, “Pimples” but, the printer got it wrong.

  8. JD – I dunno’…I picked up a red velvet this past Sunday, and it was one of the best I’ve ever had! It was super moist and flavorful, and the cream cheese frosting was pretty darn yummy!

    Their cupcakes seem larger than Sprinkles to me. At $4.33 w/ tax, they should be!

  9. Sprinkles cupcakes are just terrible. I don’t understand how they ruin such an easy concept, but they do it with gusto. Like little frosted bricks, those things. Society Bakery gets first prize for best cupcakes in my book, followed closely by The Cupcakery. But these Dimples cupcakes intrigue me. Must investigate!

  10. Finally got around to Dimples – - really very good, and they are much larger than others in town. BTW – I hate Sprinkles.