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15 comments on “Restaurant Review: Hacienda on Henderson in Dallas

  1. I guess that crappy place finally got their sh** together and let your photographer take some photos…

    Beyond me how they stay open.

  2. I went to a birthday party there last Saturday. My husband and I were the first to arrive. While standing directly in front of the hostess stand, I witnessed the mgr (I suppose…) berating the hostess for not writing down what a customer was wearing on her sheet in order to identify them later once the table was ready…this seriously went on WAY longer than it should. It was awkward, I was standing 1 foot away. The hostess then proceeded to seat us in the wrong section (we didnt have a patio reservation, but thats where we sat) and then came back to make sure we would be done by a certain time since she made a mistake…interesting. Overall the food was underwhelming but our server was really great – so props to her

  3. “studded with a bit of cilantro and onion”. I don’t like this usage. It’s either studded with cilantro and onion, or not. It can’t be studded with a bit.

    “Tender chunks of meat, studded with a bit of cilantro and onion, were double-wrapped (note: these days they come single-wrapped, which we learned during fact check) in homemade corn tortillas, and the accompanying rice, many times an afterthought at Tex-Mex restaurants, was so fluffy and buttery that I couldn’t stop eating it. ”

    This sentence is too long. Break it into two sentences after “tortillas”.

    But this is a pretty well written review and accurate, to my memory.

  4. Its really not that difficult to cook average to above avg tex mex. See 2 million or so restaurants around town as proof. With the price tag these guys paid, the consistent reports (we haven’t been) of inept service and mediocre food is truly puzzling.

  5. Luniz, I believe the correct way you wrote that statement should have been, “I always enjoy the inherent irony in your posts”. Please correct me if I’m wrong. I know you will.
    If I’m wrong and your statement IS grammatically correct, then I think a comma after irony should have been added.

  6. I noticed H-on-H has received more than it’s share of negative reviews and posts on all the popular Dallas blogs.
    Makes you wonder if they’re going to survive. It sounds like they need to make some serious improvements to their business plan.

  7. Twin, if you go there, you will see how little the reviews matter. You can make a lot of money selling drinks in this town.

  8. Luniz and Twinwillow are the great comment-reviewers of Dallas. Nothing get by their trusty noses.

  9. luniz ~ You’re so right about that! All you need is a good patio, average bar food, stiff drinks and you’re going to bank every day.