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6 comments on “Restaurant Review: Urban Crust in Plano

  1. hmm well hopefully I can make it there to try out both the pizza and the bar before Il Cane Rosso opens back up.

  2. It’s good to see that Urban Crust has elegant stemware, because I really hate it when I have to send the help to the restaurant next door to retrieve the Riedel.

  3. Regardless of the quality, I won’t wait an hour for a table. I wish more restaurants would take reservations or use call-ahead lists.

  4. @CB, just don’t go during peak hours. The peripheral weekday lunch hours, early evening, and late evenings are fine. It’s really just that 5:30-8:30 crunch that has the wait. I waited the first couple times I went, but since then I’ve just changed up my game a little and haven’t waited at all. It’s worth finding the right time. The pizzas are delicious.