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Chef Gaspar Stantic Leaves Dallas

Veteran Dallas chef Gaspar Stantic has left Dallas and is living in New York. Last year, Stantic and Jean-Marie Cadot teamed up to open Cadot in North Dallas. In October the two had a falling out and Stantic left. I ran into Stantic in early February at Al’s Steakhouse and Salad Bar in Preston Royal. Turns out he was just consulting to get Al’s up and running. Who knows what happened but here is a note he sent.

I have no affiliation with Al’s steakhouse. I was there only to help him set up his new venture. I am currently living in NYC , and am working on opening a new restaurant here. Please do not write any further reviews on Al’s or Natalie’s with my name associated.

7 comments on “Chef Gaspar Stantic Leaves Dallas

  1. Whatever happened to the “more later” on Al’s? I’ve been wondering about that place :)!!

  2. I was at Al’s the day D was snapping pics, so maybe we will see a story soon? Never mind they have a salad bar, it is a decent steakhouse in that oasis that is a thriving food neighborhood.

  3. We had a very good steak there recently as well and an over the top crab cake. Wine list needs work and I agree, the salad bar is just kinda whatever.

  4. Well good for Gaspar he could not make it in Dallas and now he wants to try New York!I don’t know why he has to bash Al I mean he did help him with the start up. I guess maybe things did not work out how he would have liked them to.
    I will go vist Al’s soon and wish him all the best.

  5. Gaspar at Al’s Steakhouse, was like a brand new Ferrari in a junkyard. I heard rumors that Al doesn’t pay his bills or his staff, and is stoned drunk on a daily basis. Go there and see for yourself to confirm the rumor.
    Gasapar has owned and run several of the best restaurants in Dallas, I will bet on him anytime , anywhere he goes.. Al’s will be closed in a matter of short time.

  6. By the way snooty, the ” over the top” crab cake is one of Gaspar’s signature dishes………Who do you think put it on the menu?