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The Meddlesome Moth: We’re Hiring

Found a note buried in the comments section of an older post. Shannon Wynne’s new restaurant, The Meddlesome Moth, is scheduled to open soon in Lower Oak Lawn. They’re hiring and encourage “anyone displaced from the fires and still looking for a job please contact us. The Moth will be opening in April and we are actively searching for smart people.” The execuchef is Chad Kelly, formerly of Oceanaire. Interested:

2 comments on “The Meddlesome Moth: We’re Hiring

  1. Drove by on my way home last night. They have a banner up on the side of their building. The front won’t be visible from Oak Lawn Ave. from what I could tell.

  2. Posted on August 13th, 2009 12:44pm by Nancy Nichols – great post this one…hope it, BBF, will be the case!!!