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What’s the Deal, Hacienda?

So our photographer, Matthew Shelley, has been trying to set up a photo shoot at Hacienda on Henderson since before Christmas. He would call three or four times a week, and each time someone would take a message, promising that the manager would get back to him. It never happened, so eventually he gave up. Until we asked him again recently—hey, Matt, where are those pictures of Hacienda?

Well, he’s resumed trying to set up a shoot, and still he can’t get the right person on the phone. This week he’s been told to call back tomorrow (which he did) or in 20 minutes (which he also did). Still no luck. And, no, he’s not calling during peak hours. (He’s shot restaurants before, so he knows when to call.) So I ask you, what gives? Why is it so hard to take a picture at this place? Are people having similar issues with the service when they dine? I haven’t been, so I’m asking you, SideDishers: do you get the runaround at Hacienda? Oh, and let me know how the food is, too.

55 comments on “What’s the Deal, Hacienda?

  1. William….come on man we are waiting for another condescending jerk off remark that will definitely make us want to never come back. Do we need to call you for that…or does posting a request here suffice. What’s your email, i’m happy to send a request there! We know you aren’t busy helping customers or training staff…so what’s up Big Queso??

  2. Can’t comment on the place but it seems like the owner responded to the purpose of the article and is making efforts to make it right. Did everyone miss that? I seriously doubt they are in it to fail and provide the worst food and service possible. Some of you ppl need to get a life and focus your energies on something more positive and constructive. Let me know when you all open up your own places so I can come in and check it out and we can blog about it…..

  3. Inthebiz, Let us know where you are, and we’ll gladly come check your restaurant out, and blog about it. That’s what this blog is for! It saves folks from having to waste time and money on lousy eateries, and lets everyone know where the new, good places are. That owner is a bit too late in trying to make things right. He must also be an idiot to have hired William for the service industry.

  4. Ma Bell, I agree with Inthebiz. You don’t get it. Is it ever really too late to make things right? And now you’re calling the owner an idiot? Wow. If you really use the blogs to get dining advice who’s the real idiot? You must be a follower or better yet, a sheep if this is how you live. If you can’t form your own opinion from experiencing things first hand you must live a very sad life. Here’s a thought…try being positive and say something nice every now and then. You’ll live a much richer life.

  5. Bottom line the food there is bad and they are unorganized. $3 margaritas are the only reason i’d go