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Somebody Help This Poor Boy: Dive Dining in D.C.

A loyal Disher is headed to Washington, D.C. He’s a self-confessed obsessive foodie. However, he is traveling with a group of guy-guys who prefer rugby over arugula. Hear him roar:

I’m stuck going to Washington D.C. with a bunch of guy who are not foodies. Help, I need casual restaurants that I can enjoy—I love a good burger—and they won’t feel intimidated by. Bars or pubs with good food?

12 comments on “Somebody Help This Poor Boy: Dive Dining in D.C.

  1. Old ebbitt’s grille is an old standby. Open late and can satisfy any craving. It’s def not a dive but it’s a solid go-to spot. (good people watching, too)

  2. Thirsty Bernie
    2163 North Glebe Road, Arlington, VA

    unpretentious but they bake their own bread and cure their own pastrami.

  3. I second Old Ebbitt’s Grill, great tradition/atmosphere… raw bar is half price on on weekdays from 2-6 (or something like that)

    I’d also recommend Brasserie Beck, Belgian spot with plenty of beers on tap and good food…

    Also, probably want to try and check out Ben’s Chili Bowl and great sandwiches to be had at Mangialardo and Sons…order a G Man

  4. Go to Matchbox near Chinatown- it’s trendy but has amazing sliders & pizza. And if you’re over there, go to Rocket Bar, Fado Irish Pub, or Bailey’s…

  5. I had a whole list, clicked “submit: and POOF!, gone.

    -Matchbox in Chinatown
    -Good Stuff Eatery in the Capitol Hill area- not too far from Eastern Market
    -Ben’s Chili Bowl on U Street
    -Mama Ayesha’s in Adam’s Morgan (the musakan is awesome and HUGE)
    -Old Ebbitt Grill
    -Martin’s Tavern in Georgetown