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Pancakes, Pinkberry, and Pizza Diet: Working

I am stuck at a doctor’s appointment so I willl attempt to post ffrom my phone. Sounds silly, right! Well, it is now required for all D bloggers. Good times. Anywhoo, as some of you know, I have been on a dangerous eating regime which I’m sure could be exlpained by a therapist. (if you are out there I am listening.) For the last two months I have eaten large quantities of Pinkberry, pancakes, and pizza outside of my working meals. I feared the nurse as she steered me to the scale. I’m down 2 pounds!!! Somebody pinch me!

13 comments on “Pancakes, Pinkberry, and Pizza Diet: Working

  1. Just think how much you could have lost eating nothing but glace de yaourt, crêpes and pisaladiere. Why I bet you would be down a whole kilo.

  2. That sounds like a helluva diet, hope you’ll keep us updated with more chapters, great stuff, I think I want to marry you, Nancy!!!

  3. Good for you – that is sort of amazing. Your post yesterday about the French food in Dallas must have subliminally steered me to Toulouse last night. We chuckled about our Hispanic waiter named Napolean (who was very nice). And, we loved every bite of our dinner and didn’t really care whether it was authentic French, old-school French, modern French. Do you think I lost two pounds eating calimari?

  4. tinpillow, I’m available. In all honesty, I was shocked. I have also failed to mention my current addition to watching endless reruns of “24″, the new Law & Order. I think my metabolism speeds up and burns calories every time Jack Bauer runs.

  5. If you want to know where the weight went, I have it. Right here. My fat pants are now just my pants.