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New Whole Foods Store on Park Lane in Dallas Will Have a Wine Bar and a Concierge Service

Un petit oiseau just told me that the new Whole Foods at Park Lane & Central in Dallas, set to open on March 15, will have an intimate wine bar. (Un petit oiseau also says it will be named “Wine Bar.”) Cute, n’est pas il? They will offer flights of selected wines and wines by the glass. See something you love in their wine department? Buy it and they’ll uncork it at Wine Bar. If you insist on doing your own shopping, they’ll pour it in a portable cup and you can sip and shop. Or–and this is my favorite part–hand your grocery list off to the concierge service and sit at the bar and nibble on antipasti plates while they shop for you.

Foodie Fun Fact: The new 62,000-square-foot Whole Foods store is the same size of Hamtramck, Michigan, home to 33 different nationalities. Hamtramck was originally a “Pole Town” and Polish food and festivals are still very popular.

12 comments on “New Whole Foods Store on Park Lane in Dallas Will Have a Wine Bar and a Concierge Service

  1. Where did this random comparison to Hamtramck come from? Is Park Lane WFM going to serve up some pierogis and sausage?

  2. Someone’s been spending too much time at the Wine Bar.

    1 square mile = 27,878,400 square feet

    Not even close.

  3. The new Whole Foods Store goes from Park Lane north to Walnut Hill and from Central Expressway east to Greenville Avenue? Just take Dart – no parking lot.

  4. Did you know that you could fit JUST UNDER 2,160 Park Lane Whole Foods in to the amazing Pole Town of Hamtramck, Michigan???

    [cue NBC More You Know shooting star]

  5. Poletown is a Detroit neighborhood south of Hamtramck. It was razed by the city and GM in 1981 for a new auto plant. Hamtramck is not Poletown.

  6. Thai Stick Please… must be a good stick you are smoking. Park Lane to Walnut Hill? WTF?

    The WF fronts Greenville just north of Blackwell and comes nowhere near Park Lane. There is surface parking in front. There is also a garage immediately behind it that has escalators directly into the store. The store itself does not touch Central at all.

  7. @brad – lol
    @Bill – I think Thai stick was facetiously furthering the confusion of 2.2 sqmi vs 62K sqft thing – at least that was my impression.

    To comment on the actual purpose of the article – this sounds interesting – any idea what the concierge service fee is, is there a comparable service at any other grocery store (in case I feel like happy hour, but really need to get some shopping done as well). I wonder if they’ll install plastic-cup holders in the carts…???…classy

  8. Having worked at the Whole Foods in Plano, I remember when they tried to implement a concierge service at that store. I think it was in response to those annoying ‘foodies’ at Central Market. Nice idea that lasted about 3 months before the girls they hired either quit or got fired for goofing off because they were bored and had nothing to do.