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Lee Harvey’s Tacos Taste Good in Your Mouth

I was on the phone with Lee Harvey’s owner, Seth Smith, awhile back, and the subject of tacos came up. I mentioned that I was a fan of Fuel City’s tacos. Seth made a noise that suggested I was an idiot. “You gotta come try our tacos,” he said. “They blow Fuel City’s away.” So yesterday Laura “TV With Laura” Kostelny, Queen Peggy, and I made a quick trip to Lee Harvey’s to see if Seth was full of it.

Short answer: yes, I believe Seth is full of it. But his tacos are damn good.

Long answer: for $7.95, you get what you see pictured here. They do steak tacos, too, but I ordered the fish tacos: firm catfish filets, strips of white cabbage for texture, spicy chipotle aioli, and sweet jalapeño relish cradled in a flour tortilla. I had already eaten lunch by the time we went over to Lee Harvey’s at around 3, when it opens. So I wasn’t hungry before the tacos arrived. They were so good, though, that I almost ordered another plate after we finished the first.

Fuel City will always have a place in my heart. But Lee Harvey’s does do some first-class tacos. Seth don’t lie. (PS: If you go on Monday, from 3 to 10, they serve the tacos a la carte for $1 each. Even Fuel City can’t beat that price.)

8 comments on “Lee Harvey’s Tacos Taste Good in Your Mouth

  1. Can someone please explain to me why Fuel City’s tacos get talked about so much? They are terrible! There are at least a dozen taco stands in Dallas that blow them away.

    I know some of you D Mag folks live in Lake Highlands or thereabouts, so try the taco window at La Parillada on Gaston across from the Y. Then try the Pollo Regio next door to the Y (not technically a taco stand, but the idea is you buy a half or whole chicken and it comes with tortillas and salsa to build your own tacos). Then we can shift our attention to OC and start exploring tacos over there, namely La Paisanita (sp?).

    Please please stop suggesting Fuel City to people. We might have visitors to Dallas who will get the wrong impression.

  2. I second La Parillada’s tacos. You can bring them into The Goat next door and wash down their greasiness with beer. Delicious!

  3. Taco Joint is gringo fare, not even in the same category as true Taco Stand Allsomeness. I’ve been slaying Taqueria Padrito the last couple times the urge has arised and it has yet to disappoint. Basic kitchen spanish is a plus but not required. Also, check out La Marketa Cafe the free standing dealie at the Dallas Farmer’s Market for totally legit gorditas, tortas, tacos and even gringodillas. Be sure to order plenty o’ there delicious green salsa made almost exclusively of green chiles from what I can tell.

    Fuel City isn’t the end all be all of taco stand tacos, but The Taco Joint isn’t even a “taco stand” its a gringo Taco place. If this isn’t clear I direct all questions to my attorney Raul Duke.

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