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Dan Koller Goes Guerrilla: Marc”Park” Cassel’s Meal at 48 Hours @ Sylvan Thirty

Marc Cassel cooks for charity.

Dan Koller, the managing editor of People “Who Need People” Newspapers, took his lovely and talented wife, Jessica, to dine at the first supper at 48 Nights @ Slyvan Thirty, the guerrilla restaurant on Sylvan  operated by the Smoke/Bolsa dudes, Chris Jeffers, Chris Zielke, and Tim Byres. The restaurateurs have teamed up with the Mass Care Task Force (American Red Cross Dallas Area Chapter, North Texas Food Bank, The Salvation Army DFW Metroplex Area Command, and Volunteer Center of North Texas). Chefs participating in the project will rotate and all of the proceeds for these dinners will go to these charities.

Anywhoo, Dan is writing a full report on the OC phenom for Friday’s edition of Oak Cliff People, but today he has a brief recap of his experience here. First chef up was/is Marc Cassel from Park. (There is a second Cassel dinner tonight.)  I  looked over the menu and I have three (dumb) questions. One of the items is braised Kobe beef cheeks, stroganoff risotto & Tom’s microgreens.

I am assume “Kobe” cows have two cheeks. Are they big cheeks that are divided into smaller servings? I would assume Kobe beef cheeks are very expensive. Were these cheeks donated to the cause? If everyone at the dinner (30) got two cheeks, does this mean it took 30 Kobe cows to fill the order for last night’s dinner? Or were the cheeks cut up and tossed in the stroganoff? I am curious. I love cheeks—veal and haddock are my favs. Just curious. Anyone?

18 comments on “Dan Koller Goes Guerrilla: Marc”Park” Cassel’s Meal at 48 Hours @ Sylvan Thirty

  1. They were divided. Don’t believe they were donated, certainly not mentioned if so. Goal is to make $1,000 a night so it sounds as though that includes normal food costs at $75/ticket.

  2. You misunderstood the menu. The cheeks came from Kobe Bryant and were divided. He has always had a very big mouth.

  3. NN,

    Yes, both pictures are of the cheeks. The lamb loin was sliced thin and served on baby arugula. Those are definitely the cheek pieces.

  4. So I take it you and Gavlist were there. Thanks for the input. Now we know cows have massive cheeks and Kobe Bryant has a big mouth and is capable of writing big checks.

  5. no schedule for the chefs. They release the menu 1 week before the dinner, but don’t say who’s responsible. The chef is revealed after a pre-dinner cocktail, as you walk into the dining area.

  6. Calling Marc Cassel, get yoour hiney back to the kitchen at Park post haste! (and be sure to take your sous chef with you). I ate at Park this past weekend and the food was insipid. Perhaps it was because the “chef” du jour looked like a homeless person. Your concept is slipping fast……

  7. Love Park and Marc Cassel rocks. Just one more reason to appreciate the great chefs of our city.

  8. SOAS

    How does a sous chef appearance influence your evaluation of the quality or execution of the executive chef’s recipes? Typical shallow Dallas fashionista comment added to the Simon Cowell styled commentary and remarks reveals the lack of depth of your capacity for culinary analysis or potential original thought in your criticism. Go forth and eat dirt.

  9. Tartare; the appearance of the “sous” chef was of note as there was apparently more effort put into the “bohemian chic” chef attire than into making a simple dish even marginally palatable. That’s my beef.
    If you cannot make simple taco’s moderately enticing, then bring back the executive chef. End of story.

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