La Carreta Argentina to Open Next to Beckley Brew House

There has been a lot of chatter on local blogs about the return of Don Panza, an Argentinean restaurant with a loyal foodie following. This morning Andrew Chalk sends a picture and an update:

Don Panza was, until recently, one of very few Argentinean restaurants in the area. They had great empanadas and chimichurri pizzas. There have been reports of an imminent reopening for months. Now a colleague has pictures! This appears to be the place– next door  to Beckley Brew House and close to Spiral Diner in The OC. It may not be called Don Panza–La Carreta Argentina was mentioned by Teresa Gubbins on Pegasus News  but there are building supplies out the front and a temporary banner so work appears to be underway.

6 comments on “La Carreta Argentina to Open Next to Beckley Brew House

  1. Acutally, Beckley Brewhouse has been open for a couple of years. But Don Panza reopening is great news. I loved their empanadas.

  2. Not only has Beckley Brewhouse been open for a couple of years, but someone named Nancy Nichols included it in a February 2008 article on the “Best Neighborhood Restaurants” in Dallas.

  3. La carreta Argentina was supposed to open on December.
    I don’t know what happened.
    I tried to call several times the phone number that appear in a lot of sites with no success.

  4. We went to try their old restaurant on Clarendon but five seconds inside was enough to drive us away. The reason? Operating-room level, fluorescent lights! Yikes! Fluorescent lights, including CFLs, should be banned in places you eat. In fact, lighting that I do not approve of should be banned everywhere.

    We went to Cowboy wotsitcalled on Commerce the other night and dang! Candelabras with bare bulbs. Ugly, ugly, ugly. Just makes everything look naff! Please do an article on lighting for restauranteurs.