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Chef Vijay Sadhu Out of Samar by Stephan Pyles in Dallas

Breaking up is hard to do. (photo by Kevin Marple)

Yesterday, the James Beard Award Foundation announced Samar by Stephan Pyles in Dallas as a semi-finalist for Best New Restaurant in America. Today, Andrew Chalk, who has been working on a story on Samar chef Vijay Sadhu, received an e-mail update from the jet-setting Stephan Pyles. He files this report:

Stephan Pyles reports that he and chef Vijay Sadhu parted company this week “on the best of terms” and “have the utmost respect for each other.” Sadhu did not comment on the departure but told me last night that he is staying in Dallas and plans to open “a very specific concept, the like of which has not been seen before in Dallas.”

Plyes, who is currently traveling, recently attended the glorious Madrid Fusion, a three-day summit of chef/speakers. “The menu [at Samar] will be changing soon and, as in my other restaurants, I will sit down with key staff to brainstorm ideas,” said Pyles. “In addition to management, I have one Indian sous chef, 2 employees from Turkey, and 1 from Bhutan. Having just returned from Madrid Fusion, you can expect the Spanish section to be “pushed” a little further.”

Before he cheffed at Samar, Sadhu was the chef at Clay Pit in Addison and, before that, Bukhara Grille in Richardson. “People move on in this business and personnel is pretty much in constant flux,” said Pyles. “Jon Thompson is the executive chef [at Samr] and has been acting as such for a few months now. Vijay was a terrific source for inspiration in the Indian section. We remain close friends and he may be involved in future menu development as well as future projects.”

15 comments on “Chef Vijay Sadhu Out of Samar by Stephan Pyles in Dallas

  1. Wow I cant belive this! Sadhu was a great chef and we really like his food at Samar. I am sure there is some kind of story behind this???? Well good luck stephan.

  2. Good luck to chef Sadhu. He’s the one who’ll need it!
    I’ve enjoyed his cooking since he’s been in Dallas and I look forward to his next venture.
    I’m sure Mr. Chalk will keep us appraised of this situation and Vijay’s next venue.

  3. I spoke to Pyles a few weeks ago and he said the menu was changing as indicated when he opened Samar. I do not think that Sadhu’s departure has much to do with the menu change.

    Look forward to seeing your report, Andrew.

  4. So now Chef Sadhu is gone from Samar. But who is going to make Indian Cuisine???? Chef Pyles with touch of Southwestern….

  5. I think Sadhu was there long enough to establish a few things and has probably learned enough to help him have success if he does open a new place.

  6. Rumor has it that:
    1. Sadhu is the true owner of Avila’s;
    2. Sadhu/Pyles (reports are conflicting) brandished a hookah and fired everyone in Samar; and
    3. Sadhu will be opening the “new” Avila’s.

  7. Chef Sadhu has more than enough experience to be successful in any new venture. He literally, “made” and put on the map, the two previous establishment’s kitchens he presided over.

  8. i meant to post on the 20th when this post originally went up, but i am still looking for my surprised face…when i ate there in early december; i told the 3 other people in the party and the 2 other bloggers i chatted with the next day, for Stephan to keep this place open a menu revamp will have to happen before spring if they want any arts district business after nightly performances for it to be the late night experience originally touted for this place…

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