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Valentine’s Day Dining in Dallas: Last Call

Over it.

This is the last post for Valentine’s Day dining options in Dallas. Open his link and you will find romantic options from restaurants, bakeries, and take-out spots. If you are a restaurant and you are not on this list, please post your information in the comments section.

  • Jay Jerrier

    Cane Rosso is open Friday and Saturday night at the NW corner of Preston/Forest from 5pm until we run out of dough. No tricked up menu…Neapolitan pizza, salads, zeppole, s’mores calzone and salumi from Salumeria Biellese – nothing on the menu over $15, BYOB with no corkage fees. We don’t take reservations – but we can seat about 100 people in our space! for more info. We will pimp out your pizza into a heart shape if you are so inclined.

  • Nancy Nichols

    Thanks, Jay. Cool.

  • Jacopo Fulgenzio

    Are you certified by Associazone Verace Pizza Napoletana? Thought I read where you said you were.

    Tell me about your burrata. Where could you possibly get fresh burrata (not the Dallas Mozzarella version filled with butter). Would love to see a proper burrata filled with pasta filata and panna.

  • Jay jerrier

    I have been personally certified by VPN and we follow the guidelines – but Cane Rosso cannot be certified VPN because of our mobile oven. Naples won’t approve mobile ovens at this time.

    As for burrata – I make it myself as you described. However it is really only suitable for pizza as my version is too ugly to be served solo on a plate.

    If you find yourself in San Antonio, go see Doug Horn at Dough Pizzeria. He is CIA trained and has a mozzarella bar where he makes burrata to order.