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Restaurant Review: Norma’s Café in North Dallas

Pancakes at Norma's Cafe by Kevin Marple.

What a great day to eat pancakes. Breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner! Norma’s Café serves great pancakes all day. Recently, we sent Teresa Gubbins to check out the newest Norma’s in Farmers Branch North Dallas. I think she likes it.  Almost as much as Miss Yvonne really, really likes Cowboy Curtis’ jheri curl mullet.

2 comments on “Restaurant Review: Norma’s Café in North Dallas

  1. I think she reviewed the new one in Dallas, no?
    as someone who went to the Farmers Branch one at least once a week I was surpirsed the one on the Toll was exactly the same. Same Mac & Cheese and same Catfish. They do have a larger cake selection…and the chocolate cake gets my vote over the pie.

  2. Is is true that on Feb 24, Norma’s Cafe will give you one huge free griddle cake per donated canned good, w/ no limit? That’s the rumor, per Thrillist…