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16 comments on “Local Sports Authorities Gina Miller and Marc Stein Advise Media Types (and Spectators) About Where To Eat in Dallas During NBA All-Star Weekend

  1. Good lord, I certainly hope out-of-towners looking for a good meal don’t take Gina Miller’s advice and go to Campisi’s.

  2. Miller’s list is spotty at best. Probably got the list off Yelp or City Guide. She sounds like she would be a cheap date.

    Stein’s list is a bit more sophisticated and very safe. Probably asked NN for help.

  3. @dallasdude that almost offends me (said w/ a smart ass smirk). any man who’s dated me will tell you I’m not cheap. the list is intended for media types who, in many cases, can’t get an expense report for a meal of more than $25 approved. I can outdive eat you or out expense report eat you any day.

  4. Hehe. Mr. luniz knows me all too well. I can make ones divey toes curl with delight, guaranteed or my expense account will pay for your expense account.

    And asking NN for help is fail.

  5. i am SO in. (born and raised here, bro – i have dives and off-menu dishes in my back pocket that go back 25 yrs). although evan grant and i have been trying to do a progressive mexican dinner for 6 months and still havent done it. life of worker bees.

  6. We will let everyone know the details, Nancy said she will set it up. 25 years? I thought you were about 25 when I saw you at the pre Mav games.

    Progressive Mexican dinners can be harsh on marathon runners. ;)

    Dive Dallas food is good.

  7. If you guys don’t go to at least one place that 99% of SideDish posters won’t go to because it’s in a “scary” neighborhood or they won’t eat that food or “it’s too ethnic” then the whole thing is entirely meaningless. Louie’s or the type of places on that stupid food network show don’t count. In fact they count negative.