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8 comments on “Twisted Root in Dallas Expands Again: SMU Location

  1. Excellent. This makes me feel better about Village Burger Bar backing out of its expansion to Park Lane Place.

  2. I love Twisted Root! I’m excited to hear about their expansion but I still don’t think you can beat the great ambiance of the original in Deep Ellum!

  3. The best burgers in town. So happy that they’re wisely expanding out of Deep Ellum which, as Kendall says, has the best ambiance but can be hard to get in to. How about one in Frisco? Shops at Legacy, perhaps? Stonebriar?

  4. I’m president of the Twisted Root Fan club…they do veggie burgers and they have sweet potato fries and awesome milkshakes. And fried pickles…And the bucket o’ beer…
    and how can you not like sweet potato fries?!?!?!

  5. I love sweet potato fries, unfortunately I can’t get them at Twisted Root. Maye since you are the president of the fan club you have an in, but I thought they only served sweet potato chips now.

  6. oh yeah those thinly cut chips..that’s what i meant. They’re fried…that sort of counts right? Did i say president? I meant Vice President. :)