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El Smokeador y Smokehopper Blog: Chicken Fried Smoked Brisket

Chicken fried smoked brisket by El Smokeador.

A couple of weeks ago a commenter, who goes by El Smokeador and operates a meaty blog called El Smokeador y Smokehopper, left a comment with a link to his recipe for brisket cooked with Butterfinger candy bars. I printed it out and plan to try it soon. This morning, El Smokeadore and his co-blogger, Smokehopper, send another creation: chicken friend smoked brisket.  (I love the idea of using a leaf blower to stoke a fire, but I would suggest you proceed with caution.) I think this guy is wacky enough to be included in our blogroll. Et tu, oh brutal ones?

20 comments on “El Smokeador y Smokehopper Blog: Chicken Fried Smoked Brisket

  1. Oh my god. They’ve done what everyone has been thinking about, but has never had the balls to do.

  2. Brisket with Butterfingers? You have to post that. Consider for the blogroll.

  3. Love the parsley. Chicken fried brisket (CFB?) certainly calls out for a little green on the plate. Not sure whether it’s disturbingly awesome, or awesome-ly disturbing, but it’s definitely one of those. Or maybe both.

    I have to admit if I was in a good Texas diner and saw that they had CFB on the menu, I’d probably try it.

  4. I read their stuff. I have friends just like them and can relate, and the buffoon factor is pretty high up on the scales. I like how they never spell babaganouj the same way twice.

    Definetley add worthy. Are they related to Tom Spicer?

  5. If their brisket is as good as their comedy, we should hear more from El Smokeador and Smokehopper. Please add them to the blogroll.