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Anti-Valentine’s Day in Dallas: What Are You Doing?

I’ve got a hot date for Valentine’s Day!

Do you hate the hype of Valentine’s Day? Or do you like paying triple the regular price for a dozen roses and mediocre chocolate? Yes, I know it’s great for the restaurant business and I encourage all  lovers–young and old– to dine out. Get engaged. Spend hours making love. Make Hallmark happy.

But what about those of us without a date? Why don’t we get a night? Restaurateurs and barkeeps, I see a niche with an burning itch. Call me a hopeless unromantic but I do the same thing every year for VD: Two nights of pure bliss. And you, what do you do?

19 comments on “Anti-Valentine’s Day in Dallas: What Are You Doing?

  1. Since most of my friends are coupled-up, I usually don’t hang out with them. I try to avoid the nice restaurants, since most of them will be too busy. So this year, I think I am going to grab my few single friends, go to a dive burger joint (Maple & Motor Burgers maybe??), then hit the stripper bars. I’d rather put cash in the hands of a college kid trying to pay tuition than Hallmark.

  2. I’m completely uninterested in this forced celebration of love. I’m going to spend the long weekend in the country burning brush and roasting a pig.

  3. We don’t really celebrate Vday. The restaurant dinner scene takes the fun right out of it and it seems so forced! Maybe this sunday we’ll go out for breakfast at Dream Cafe (breakfast out might be light years better than dinner out on vday) and then in the afternoon, I’ll start planting some seeds with Spring just around the corner!

  4. Heck, I have a date and I’m still spending the night at home watching the WKC! I hate going out for Valentine’s Day because it’s always crowded and overpriced. We’d rather just go out for a nice dinner when we feel like it than suffer the whims of Hallmark.

  5. We’re staying home and cooking recipes out of The French Laundry cookbook. In other words: it will be an exhausting three days of making stocks before Sunday even arrives.

  6. Couple’s Dinner at someone’s home on Saturday night and … on the actual day?

    It is the Daytona 500 baby! We will be watching that, having some adult beverages and relaxing.

    The dog show is the 15th and 16th… that is my trade off for the Nascar. ;)

  7. I spoil Mr. Buckles, my cat, by cooking his favorite dish: faux foie gras of parakeet in sweated yak’s milk with wild forest nettles served in a pewter champagne bucket.

  8. be careful picking up “single” women this weekend, especially at the trendy places since there will be a lot of hookers in town for the All-Star game

  9. SDM- Pretty easy to tell the difference between a “hooker” and a “single” girl. The hooker will be the one asking for payment up front for services. lol

  10. @whatever – they both ask for it, it’s the timing of said request that differentiates them. The hooker asks for it up front, the Dallas single girl asks for it later.

  11. Just found out that Cowboy Chow and Twisted Root Burger are offering a free drink to “ALL single Dallasites on Saturday, February 13 from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.”

  12. Tink, like i said, the hooker will ask for “upfront” payment, thus making them pretty easy to spot, or they’ll be the one’s in handcuffs, lol.