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Randy “Rib King” Goss, R.I.P.

According to a loyal Disher, Randy Goss, c0-founder of County Line Barbecue restaurant has been found dead in a car submerged in a creek. Our loyal Disher reports:

I’ve known Randy since I was in elementary school.  He and my sister are the same age, graduated high school together at H.P.  His dad’s business was a big used car lot on Ross Avenue.  People of a certain age no doubt remember the big yellow sign: Goss On Ross, Your Tradin’ Hoss.”  Goss and a couple of other Highland Park boys headed to Austin and UT after high school and soon opened their first barbecue place west of town.  It was a home run from the start….had live music in the early years, too.

More details here. And here. Our thoughts go out to the Goss family. I grew up listening to Randy’s father, Gene Goss, sell cars on TV. (h/t JW)

2 comments on “Randy “Rib King” Goss, R.I.P.

  1. Tragic end for a fun loving, good guy. I was talking with a coworker this A.M. who playeed in a band with Randy in the 6th grade.