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Dave Faries Leaves the Observer: Is Dallas Dude the New Dave? Do Chicks Make Better Dining Critics?

Pigs and chicks in happier times.
Pigs and chicks in happier times.

I was just catching up on the Dave-less City of Ate and found this line in Dallas Dude’s latest Toque To Toque report.

My health insurance at the Observer hasn’t kicked in yet. And I ate a lot of burgers.

Am I the only one who is curious about Dave’s departure? He was there on Friday and gone on Monday. Well, if Dallas Dude is the next Dave, then then a couple of male chauvinist pigs (wow that came from the dark recesses of my brain) over at will be happy as, well, pigs in slop. Some  bloggers over there—Luniz, I’m looking at you—are hoping  a male fills the Observer job. Luniz hopes “they don’t replace him with a chick.” Perhaps you men should subscribe to the Star-Telegram. Your boy is back doing reviews. Cue the Boss.

13 comments on “Dave Faries Leaves the Observer: Is Dallas Dude the New Dave? Do Chicks Make Better Dining Critics?

  1. Uncle Nancy, you do know that luniz is a construction worker, right? He’s just acting to character, that is, when he’s not whistling at women walking by.

    For all those who are about to attack me for stereotyping and generalizing: hey I’m just kidding.

    FWIW, I found that burger comparison to be far from the best thing DallasDude has written. Far, far, far from. He comes off as being as biased and having as much an agenda as, well, you know who, over at that other media outlet.

  2. Agenda? Maybe an agenda for lunch.I have followed Steven for years on different blogs like chowhound. Very knowledgable and seemingly nice guy.

  3. My thoughts exactly Karen. I’ve followed him on Chowhound for a year now, and he is the very opposite of what Peeps said. IMO, he is a very reliable source of UN-biased, agenda-free info.

  4. Dallas Dude knows more about food then anyone in Dallas. THe Dallas Observer should hire him, not because he’s a man, because he is the best PERSON for the job.

  5. Faries said something about going back to take a job in the Old World. Where exactly?

  6. DallasDude is literally the best thing that has happened to food blogging since food blogging was invented. If he says to go try a restaurant, I throw on my Army boots and the nearest camouflage jacket I can find and leave my house immediately because I know that, not only is it going to be totally awesome but that the restaurant will be packed like sardines with his other followers like Saef Harv and kelly and prettybib and Mark G. and David Marsh and Karen and Ron Stevens and Will Ferrell and Obie Wan Kenobi, and I’ll have to literally go mano-a-mano for every scrap of food in the place. Let me put it this way: If DallasDude says jump, I say, HOW HIGH!

  7. ohhh I love slop. Just thinking of it makes my stomach growl, I’ve got to go get some right now!

    How amusing to see Stuertz back, in Ft Worth, and reviewing a restaurant in Irving. Not even two weeks after I just ate the goat head that it doesn’t sound like he tried. I wonder if he found the empanadas. Such a masculine place to review. Not even a mention of the drapes, yep that Stuertz is certainly a paragon of masculine virility. We certainly could use a lot more of that around here.

    I certainly hand it to DallasDude, he’s got quite the following. Could use a little more testosterone in his analysis of course, but that’s true of just about anybody on this side of Travis Ortmayer. Between the Dude and twinwillow, I’ll never miss out on an excellent, outstanding, to-die-for, best evar in Dallas meal again. Truly a great era in Dallas dining!

    ps no offense intended to DD or twin :)

  8. What a sad lot of DallasDude sycophants. Do you even read the crap you write? “DallasDude knows more about food than anyone in Dallas”?
    Do you even pause to reflect about how it would even be possible for him to surpass a real food pro, one who travels the world to work and research? Grow up. And learn how to read critically, too. What I wrote was that his burger review was not “the best thing he has ever written” and that the review made him look “as being” biased and with agenda. If you can’t tell the difference between criticism of a piece of published work and criticism of an author’s skill, go back and take remedial English.

    To Obie: Faries was in Prague prior to coming back to Dallas. I don’t know if he is headed back there.

  9. It’s so much fun to watch people raise effigies of praise to wanna-be food op-ed writers.

    Years of Chowhound contributions? PUHleeeeze… all you get from that is crabs.

  10. Don’t listen to the haytas Steven. They’re just jealous. Those who can’t do teach. Those who can’t teach take pot shots at the ones who CAN do. You know the business from the inside out and now you showing them what a REAL food critic looks like.