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Gina Campisi Found Dead in Dallas

ginacampisiheadshot22-237x300A Campisi family friend confirms that Gina Campisi, of the Egyptian Lounge Campisis and owner of Fedora Restaurant in Dallas, was found dead today of an apparent suicide in her East Dallas home. Our thoughts are with the family.

30 comments on “Gina Campisi Found Dead in Dallas

  1. Our thoughts are with the Campisi family. This is a tragic loss and she will be missed dearly.

  2. SO sad. My sister went to school with her and her sister. Many thoughts and prayers to the Campisi family.

  3. Tragic. Just goes to show how well someone can appear on the outside when fighting demons on the inside. Condolences to the Campisi family. (there seems to be a very bad trend of suicide recently)

  4. My late sister, Ann Halsell, was friends with Roz and Raymond. I remember Gina as a pretty little high school girl. My deepest condolences to the family.

  5. Gina was a very good friend. She will be missed. Our deepest sympathy goes out to her family. We love you.

  6. I was at Screen Door Saturday night and Fedora’s looked like it was doing very good business. I was back at One Arts Plaza Monday night and Fedora’s was closed. I figured it was just one of their nights off..and maybe it was. I remember reading her posts on SideDish and marvelling at what a hard business opening and running a restaurant is. Very sad. God speed.

  7. I am saddened to hear this tragic news. Gina will be greatly missed. My thoughts and prayers goout to her family.

  8. What a shame for such a beautiful, talanted young lady to feel she had to take her life.
    I guess we will never know why know why and even if we did would we understand?

  9. Looking at her life from the outside…we cannot see the pain she was feeling…the only thing we see are her success and accomplishments… something she could not see for herself…

    My love,thoughts and prayers go out to the Campisi Family

  10. I was opening my first restaurant as she was opening hers and I thoroughly appreciated her spot-on observations of the process. I never met Gina, but I wished for tremendous success for her based on those blog entries. My thoughts are with her friends and family. R.I.P.

  11. I taught all of the girls in elementary. They are all wonderful, beautiful, positive people. I share their tears in this loss. Roz, Corky, Amber and Tara and the rest of the extended family my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  12. Well, this is a tragic example of the good dying young because any of the rare times I ever interacted with Gina, she was smart, funny & charming. She struck me as special.

    What dreadful news. I so hope the family can find peace & comfort somewhere, somehow. May we all send the Campisi family our heartfelt love and prayers. I am so very sorry.

  13. My family and I just got word of this tragic and sad news. My daughter, went to school with Gina & Tara, as childhood schoolmates.
    And the very sad news, immediately took us back to a ‘sweet’ reminiscence of that time.
    (When they just carelessly so enjoyed life.)
    Our Sincerest Condolences, and Heartfelt Prayers go out to the Campisi Family.
    May God Bless, Comfort, and Strengthen You.

  14. This is just not fair. Gina had so much to offer the world. I am blessed to have called Gina a good friend and would have done anything I could to help her. I only wish she would have known how many people truly loved and cared about her. Her family is in my prayers and I know in my heart she has gone to a place far better than any of us can imagine. God speed to you Gina you will live on in my heart.

  15. Godspeed, Gina…Dallas will miss you…

    And to all who read this – remember that YOU are your brother’s/sister’s Keeper. Suicide is the act of someone who feels alone. Don’t let the ones you love feel alone. Call your friends, have dinner with your siblings, reach out to your neighbors….we are the Village.

  16. @Melody, unless you have lost someone to suicide you have no idea of the crushing guilt surviving loved ones endure for years to come. Suicide is a result of a complex set of circumstances and not from mere loneliness. Many suicides are beloved but because they suffer depression resulting from low serotonin levels etc., a sense of hopelessness sets in which is often not accurate. I sense you mean well but to imply to loved ones that they did not pay enough attention is to rub salt into an already terrible wound. One friend who took his life was the victim of cleric sexual abuse and another battled drug addictions but I assure you both were surrounded by support and care.

  17. News Junkie – maybe you are reading a bit much into Melody’s post. Maybe now isn’t the time for bashing another because you don’t like what they said…

  18. This is sad. She was way too young and had so much ambition and drive. I hope she’s at peace now.

    No if everyone else doesn’t mind, let’s not give advice or be critical… lets just hope the family can get through this unimaginable time.

  19. All too sad – Condolences to family and friends alike. The Dallas Suicide & Crisis Center 24 hour crisis line is 214-828-1000.

  20. We are truly sorry to have learned this tragic news…We have been at Campsis for over 24 yrs … We are praying for this family..

  21. Roz, Corky, Amber, Tara, Marge, and all the extended family: Our thoughts are with you all and we are all crippled by the sad and unbelievable news. I still see Amber, Tara, and Gina as babies in my mind’s eye! Please call and let us know if there’s anything we can do. We are here if you need us for anything! Much love to you all and may God hold you all in his hands and give solice and peace to that which we cannot seemingly process in our hearts and heads.

  22. It is absolutely classless for the restaurant to be sending out email blasts like nothing has happened just 2 days after the tragedy!

  23. Everyone is fighting some kind of battle… we have no idea what was going on when she did this, and it is no ones fault. Corky Campisi adored his daughters and I know that if he had any idea she wasn’t happy, he would have done all he could to help her.
    May God bless this wonderful, sweet family during such a hard time.