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Dave Faries is Leaving The Dallas Observer

The Teegster has the Outburst. Dave Faries has the story: he is leaving his position as the Observer‘s dining critic and returning to the Old World. Faries was living in Prague when he took the job at the DO. He says, “Before leaving Prague I had promised to spend a year in a top 10 market, re-learning the joys of top level cuisine (something the Czechs were short of) and learning the art of blogging. I’ve exceeded that, loitering here for many months more. It’s just hard to shake…But, I have opportunities to pursue in the Old World–the life of a shabby expat, you know.”

Dotoho” Dave, we will miss you. Have a palacinka for me.  SO, here’s the big question: who will fill his post? Dallas Dude? Worzel Gummidge? Scott? You guys pick.

27 comments on “Dave Faries is Leaving The Dallas Observer

  1. @whatever,

    I’d expect that a doctor would know about conscious(ness). An attorney might bill you $350/hr to point out that conscience would be the correct use.

    Either way, I’ll take Scott. I’m not a fan of DallasDude.

    Or, how about the Teegster? It’s so hard to follow her stuff on PegNews – at least I’d have a viable bookmark to her work if she went to the Observer…

  2. I have followed the Dallas Dude on many of the local blogs and enjoy his style and his recommendations that have put me and my husband in some great restaurants. Some high end some seedy but great. I think he already works at the Observer so it is not a stretch!

  3. Scagneti claims to be an attorney on several web sites including a sports blog he posted on at one time and a pizza blog and chowhounding

    I think that is what that guy is refering to. Scag is a dick most every where which is probably the source of hostility towards him/ her

  4. The attorney comment was at Scagnetti, and yes, he is a colossal a****** on every site he “contributes” to. I was not referring to Scott. Simmer down, Bill.

  5. It would have to be someone knowlegable about FOOD, not the Dallas dining scene.Not to knock the Observer, but the reviews are marginal at best in terms of having impact on a restaurants business, unlike say the DMN and D Mag.

  6. I hope whoever replaces Dave is similar to him. Somebody who writes well, knows a lot about food, and frankly, is male.

  7. I like DallasDude. Is luniz on every blog in town? Maybe he should submit his curriculum vitae.

  8. “Luniz, you whole roasted pig! Why don’t you do it? You’d be great”

    Too far to drive?

  9. Since Dave hired me and is now gone, I would be happy just to be able to sweep up at night much less take over his old daunting task.

    Dave will always be considered a good friend and I will miss him at his post. He made the food blogging a fun read. I spoke to him earlier today at home and I think he was watching Oprah and sounding quite content. Not sure if he was eating Cheetos, maybe some knedliky.

  10. No offense to DallasDude, but Dave is a better writer than both of us combined. I’d rather see them stick with somebody of his caliber. I’d be pretty disappointed if they hired somebody with no more experience than I have.

  11. Another vote for DallasDude who is being far too humble about his qualifications. Noone knows food like he does.

  12. Dallas Dude is EXTREMELY knowledgable and has first hand experience in the restaurant business. Dallas Observer would be foolish not to promote him.

  13. @luniz – finally, a comment I can agree on. Dave was certainly a great person at heart – It will be interesting to see the direction of COA without his presence.