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Zinsky’s Delicatessen in Dallas Changes Sandwich Size: Bigger is Better

SizeMattersThis is for all of you who bitched about the size of the meat portions in the sandwiches at Zinsky’s. In response to your feedback, the folks at Zinsky’s are pumping the pastrami (and other deli meats) up from 7 ounces to 12 ounces. Hey co-owner, Jim Baron, why the switch?

“When we opened we wanted to keep the price of most of the sandwiches under $10. To do this meant serving a sandwich with 7 oz. of meat. We now realize our customers expect and want a larger sandwich,” explains Jim Baron.  “When customers receive the overstuffed sandwiches, they often are surprised.  ‘This is too big. It’s ridiculous. Who can eat that much?’  We realized, in deli-speak, the special language of deli customers around the world, this meant ‘What a great sandwich!’”

Zinsky’s serves delicious and medicinal matzo ball soup. And half sandwiches.

(Cartoon by Mark Dino.)

13 comments on “Zinsky’s Delicatessen in Dallas Changes Sandwich Size: Bigger is Better

  1. good job, guys. That’s what America needs (especially Dallas) – bigger portions!! For me, your sandwiches were already too big – more food than I need to eat, but so delicious that I’d finished them anyway and spend the rest of the day in a food coma. I’m glad to hear that you serve half sandwiches, at least.

  2. Yeah, like Dallas still needs bigger portions. What? We’re all not fat enough, now?
    Will I be able to request a 7 oz. sandwich?

  3. Now they just have to stop serving the horridly cheap, low quality meats. I ask, is 12 ozs of bad better than 7 ozs of bad? Given the quality, maybe they would do us all a favor cutting them to 4.

  4. I miss the old Jason’s Deli which previously occupied that space. Come back!

    Zin’s menu is difficult to read with all the “cute” graphics, colors, and layout, and when I figure it out, there are some perplexing combinations of ingredients…maybe I should be more daring.

  5. Every good deli I’ve ever been to prided themselves on their overstuffed sandwiches.

    And it’s ironic that people are complaining about large portions in a state that considers serving a CFS smaller than a doormat as being rude and what about the haunches of beef they serve in steakhouses that are obscenely large.

  6. I never felt Zinsky’s sandwiches were very large to begin with. However, I usually have the half sandwich and matzo ball soup at Zinsky’s.

    When at Deli News (wow, I am invoking the God of Hunger by the mere mention of this place) I like the twelve dollar sandwiches that are stacked ever so high. But I also adore the egg salad on egg bread, so it is fairly normal in size.

    As far as Jason’s goes, there are literally dozens of them across the city and I consider them a blight on the luncheon landscape.

    Just fyi, the Dallas D Dude is not me.

  7. D Dude, there have been alot of chitty things said about restraunts on this site, but your desire to get a Jason Deli back is as hurtful as it gets.

  8. Has Zinsky’s improved their service to go along with the new larger sandwich sizes? I need to give them another chance but was horribly disappointed with the service the last few times I went.

  9. Touche! Mark, desiring a Jason’s Deli in place of its successor is a testament to the lackluster offerings of Zzzzz’s. Mediocrity at a low price is a lot easier for me to stomach….you know…in this tough economy and all.

  10. Infrequently, when I visit Zinsky’s, I usually order the 1/2 sandwich/cup of soup.
    1/2 pastrami sandwich: Not so great!
    Matzoh ball soup: Great!

  11. Had lunch there today. Paid appx 30% more than the website currently shows. Everything was just ok-not great. Service was quite good though. Thought this would be the real deal for Dallas Deli. But sadly it’s not. Me thinks I prefer Cindys.